A framegrab from a video obtained by Reuters showing an exploding object near the Kremlin Senate building. May 3, 2023

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Ukraine’s neo-Nazi desperados attacked the Kremlin itself with drones on Wednesday’s early morning. It was painted by the Western press narrative machine as, alternatively, an assassination attempt against Vladimir Putin, a complete failure of the Russian states’ vaunted air defenses, and a Russian false flag operation meant to boost faltering Russian morale. The reality, the Russian government determined, involved an assassination attempt on the head of the Russian state. It was not the first in recent weeks. Russia announced that it would retaliate at a time and place of its choosing.

Some rightfully fear that we have taken another step up the nuclear escalation ladder. Others, like Colonel Doug McGregor see it as an act of total desperation from the U.S./NATO side where politicians like Joe Biden are about to have their proverbial walking papers handed to them, just like Lyndon Johnson who arrogantly and fantastically announced victory amidst America’s humiliating defeat in Viet Nam. 

In any event, it is time to speak up. The removal of Tucker Carlson and other anti-War voices from the mainstream media has emboldened the desperate elites who back this war, which the Ukrainians are losing. House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, to cite one example, has once again shown his quisling stripes by voicing total support for the war while in Israel, thinking he can now get away with it without a merciless attack from citizens who mobilized around Fox’s 8:00 pm prime time slot. That temporary loss for the sane of this world can be readily recouped by an aroused citizenry calling their Congressmen and Senators and demanding an end to this war now, before even more humans are slaughtered needlessly, as President Trump has demanded.

The hybrid terror and sabotage campaign by the Ukrainians occurs as the Spring offensive from both sides approaches. It depends on Ukraine’s Spring muds drying up. The Russians destroyed huge sections of the Ukrainian arsenal for its offensive along with many of Ukraine’s most highly trained cadre in missile strikes over the weekend. Colonel McGregor provides a chilling account of the damage on his blog.

The Grayzone documents a previous assassination attempt against Putin by Ukrainians using drones which occurred on April 23rd. It is part of a branded “Army of Drones” campaign, based within the rabid Banderist Ukrainian organizations in the U.S. and Canada including the Ukrainian World Congress. These rabid Ukrainian diaspora groups, controlled by Anglo-American intelligence agencies, hold numerous American politicians in their influence web. Joe Biden’s personal debt to this lobby is documented, in part, by a new groundbreaking piece by Paul Sperry over at Real Clear Investigations.

The Grayzone piece highlights the role of Ukrainian finance and weapon’s industry magnate, Volodymyr Yatsenko, in the amateur hour Drone Army campaign. He has offered 500,000 for anyone who can land a drone in Red Square during the May 9th Victory Day Parade celebrating the World War II defeat of the Nazis. 

As usual, the American and British advisors staging this war fatally fail to understand Russia: its history, culture, or physical economic resources and riches. The Russian population reacted with outrage and unity to the drone attack on the Kremlin and in support of Russia’s war in Ukraine. This could have been predicted if anyone in NATO’s orbit understood the first thing about the current Russian state. This is the biggest risk in the insane Ukraine war gambit. Will our elites go nuclear when the inevitability of Ukrainian defeat and their own insanity and incompetence becomes physically obvious to an American population otherwise blinded by the full spectrum information war and censorship campaign conducted against it?