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Elon Musk's Twitter Files are just the beginning of a new phase.

This period ahead will require something that has never existed before, an artistic creation in the medium of political freedom. Together, we will build a movement that governs the nation as statesmen, scientists, and true artists. We will clean out the courtiers, voyeurs, and sadists from their Versaille on the Potomac (like Hercules cleaned out the Augean stables), and finally reclaim our American Republic for the coming generation.

President Trump has been the undeniable factor in breaking out of their game, and the Twitter Files make clear that the FBI and Intelligence Community ran a full-fledged Arab Spring on the American people in 2020.

Twitter is not social media, it is an intelligence agency under a different name. Now with Musk at the helm of Twitter, we have broken radio control in their propaganda machine. That's step one.

But this is not a game, it's real history, and a movement like the one required has never existed before.

Our role is to help build this, and inspire the hearts and minds of the American people to end this globalist tyranny, and unite and build together a new nation.