Tucker Carlson's last moment on Fox. April 24, 2023. Fox News Screengrab

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The ousting of Tucker Carlson on Fox News is a major event in the United States. That speaks to how bereft we are as a nation of any form of cultural stability. Every social media channel completely blew up. Millions left Fox and that exodus will continue. Fox’s stock crashed and then stabilized. Carlson is by far the most influential media figure in the United States. His audience leads the coveted 18-45 demographic by huge margins and constitutes the largest audience of any cable personality. But, as he himself says, “I’m only a talk show host.” He might have added, “But in the land of the blind, the one- eyed man is king.”

Put succinctly, Tucker Carlson stood in the way of what is now a frantic attempt by the imperial elite to consolidate a candidate for President who can defeat Trump by winning over or demoralizing sections of Trump’s populist insurgency. They are running out of time and must cement a narrative now, in the coming six weeks. While senile Joe announced his campaign for President via a taped message to the masses 24 hours after Tucker’s exit, the stage is being set against Biden also through the expose of the Biden family crimes, the projected failure of Ukraine’s last stand, and the continuing economic collapse. In this scenario, Joe Biden becomes the fall guy for the complete failure of the globalist elite and a new Democratic candidate, perhaps Michelle Obama or Gavin Newsom, emerges to take Biden’s place.

The Trump insurgency, like Carlson’s show, increasingly represents large segments of former Kennedy Democrats, independents, and conservatives repulsed by the outright destruction of the nation and the sacrifice of an entire generation of young people to drugs and identity politics narcissism and existentialism. It is primarily a blue collar/producers coalition growing exponentially with each move against the 45th President. It threatens to simply overwhelm the best laid plans of the oligarchs of the modern British financial empire. Hiding or distorting that burgeoning growth, making Trump supporters believe they are isolated and alone, has become a priority censorship imperative.

Presaging the Murdochs’ surprise move against Tucker on Monday morning, CBS’ 60 minutes spent Sunday night debunking Carlson’s work exploding the January 6th “insurrection” narrative (Carlson has focused on the Security State provocateurs, Ray Epps and others; 60 minutes attempted to exculpate Epps) while AOC was trotted out to demand that Carlson be fired from Fox because of alleged misogyny and racism.  AOC’s opportunistic demand follows a years’ long campaign by Democratic operatives and the Security State against Carlson. In June of 2021, Carlson was tipped off by a source in the intelligence community that Biden’s NSA was spying on him as he attempted to arrange an interview with Vladimir Putin. Democratic Party front groups led successful boycott campaigns to keep advertising dollars away from Carlson and Fox. Senate Majority leader Chuck Schumer has repeatedly demanded that Carlson be fired and/or censored.

Having become increasingly radicalized since Biden’s election, in a speech at the Heritage Foundation on Friday, April 24th, Tucker Carlson portrayed the current political moment as nothing short of a battle between good and evil, evoking, without saying so directly, St. Paul’s letter to the Ephesians:

"For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” The Christian Apostle knew whereof he spoke, because he was up against the power of the Roman Empire, an empire committed to destroying the very idea of man in the image of the Creator, not to mention the bodies and lives of the millions it used as slaves. An Empire which ultimately executed him. In his speech Carlson evoked the simple but profound power involved in simply telling the truth.

In the real information desert, which is Biden censored America since January 2021, Tucker Carlson stood out as a voice of sanity, resistance, and dissent, rallying others with his courage. He is the most unlikely carrier of this message, and his background is something he openly fights against. He has lived among the elite since his youth, gone to their private schools, lived, or tried to live in their institutions. Early on, he famously tried to join the CIA but was rejected. Throughout he has persistently exhibited a trait most rare among Washington’s current denizens, the ability to change his views based on conscience and a struggle to tell the truth.

He persistently apologizes for his support of the war in Iraq as if called to task before the Lord. A political conservative, he relentlessly and ruthlessly attacks the corrupt Republican establishment along with the current fascist social Democrats who constitute the Democratic Party. He has had an up and down and very emotional relationship with Donald Trump. A coward in the face of the implications of the rigged 2020 election, he has since resolved his differences with the 45th president and currently actively supports him.

More than anything else, however, he was building something right in the center of the enemy’s turf at Fox, an audience across all political allegiances dedicated to establishing a new and different polis in the United States, the same undertaking at the center of Donald Trump’s MAGA movement. Fox News is run by Rupert Murdoch, a protégé of the king of British propaganda and mind control efforts, Max Aitken, known to history as Lord Beaverbrook. The Board of Fox is controlled by Bush Republicans, led by Paul Ryan, and globalist investors. Fifteen percent of the company is now owned by Blackrock. In addition to Tucker, Fox also parted company with the very popular Dan Bongino and Lara Trump, looking to shed personalities the Murdochs cannot control.

Tucker persistently went outside the simplistic partisan divides played to the maximum by the network, the security state dictated polarization which produces intellectually paralyzed citizens. He brought on Glenn Greenwald, Matt Taibbi, Jimmy Dore, Michael Shellenberger, Aaron Mate, Col. Doug McGregor, Tulsi Gabbard, Julian Assange’s parents and wife, Elon Musk, and many others, establishing deep sourcing in his campaign against the Security State and its censorship, mind control, and anti-Trump, anti-American operations. He befriended many on the nominal left while nursing and maintaining his ties to the intellects and thinkers of the conservative right. He relentlessly attacked neo-Conservatives, war mongers, and the military industrial complex. He aired critics of COVID vaccines and mandates. He created a deep hole in the fake January 6th narrative when House Speaker Kevin McCarthy gave him access to footage showing the so-called QAnon Shaman being escorted through the Capitol by Capitol police and engaging in prayer in the House Chamber without one episode of so-called rioting, let alone “insurrection.” Pursuit of truth and dissent is what attracted his audience, as Glenn Greenwald reviewed at great length on Rumble Monday. 

Tucker Carlson will obviously land somewhere in the emerging independent digital media realm and in all probability emerge with even more power. But they needed to destabilize the environment at this moment as 2024 looms large in their desperate calculations. Forget anything else you have heard or read about this event.