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What is it that allows Donald Trump to be consistently right, when everyone else is wrong?

Whatever that quality is, economist Lyndon LaRouche had it too. And where does President Trump’s courage come from—to ridicule the ruling class which would like to kill him, and the US government which intends to throw him in jail?—when most of our politicians would sell their own mothers to keep the New York Times from going after them. Lyndon LaRouche shared that quality as well.

The character shown by Trump and LaRouche may be unique in our age of liars and cowards—but it is also understandable and lawful.

Where does it come from? What does it mean? Join us tonight to find out. This class is a continuation of our series which is taking up the deeper classical principles which must inform our actions in today crisis. If you missed last week's class by Dan Leach, here it is.