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President Trump’s newly released Agenda47 video of Friday, September 1st, is the most coherent economic proposal by a President, current or former, since FDR’s commitment to the Four Corners and electrification. Trump proposes to build “hundreds, and hundreds, and hundreds,” of new power plants with the intent of restoring America as a manufacturing superpower.

The Four Corners project, for those that may not know, was responsible for establishing our modern national electrical grid that powered the famous Arsenal of Democracy and U.S. industry during WWII and the post-war era, and this proposal can quickly exceed any prior success if implemented in full. In fact, this kind of policy is how we build our way out of the current stagnation, and drive real economic growth for generations to come!

And its not just more energy and manufacturing, but the magnitude of nearly five hundred new plants that makes this policy a major national driver for reviving U.S. industry. This kind of magnitude of proposal echoes the programmatic commitment of Lyndon LaRouche, whose contributions to economic science hinged on the concept of energy flux-density, as well as  electric power output per capita, and broad-scale manufacturing in high tech fields. 

We will let President Trump speak in his own words, and then develop some of the implications of this commitment. There will also be more from LaRouchePAC on this proposal, because it is without question the most critical feature for reestablishing a pro-growth economic agenda not only for the U.S. but the world over. For the entire video, click here.

President Trump:

If America’s going to dominate the world manufacturing once again, — as it did when I was running things, remember when they used to say you can’t have manufacturing jobs in our country any more, I said, really, why? I created hundreds of thousands of jobs — we must be the most affordable energy and electricity place anywhere in the planet. We have to have affordable energy.

“Right now we have energy that’s weak, substandard, and unaffordable. It's made by the wind, and windmills rust, they rot, they kill the birds–it's the most expensive energy there is. And we have other things that are also no good. It's called the Green New Deal–I call it the Green New Hoax.

“One of the reasons manufacturing jobs were flooding back into the United States when I was President, was that we dramatically reduced energy costs.

“Sadly, crooked Joe Biden sacrificed this tremendous economic advantage on the altar of the Green New Deal, perhaps because he was bribed by Communist China…

“Biden’s war on American energy has sent prices soaring, and his latest actions will make it catastrophically worse.  It's going to be bad at a level that we’ve never seen. This will be so bad. Under Biden’s newly proposed power plant regulations, most natural gas and coal plants will be forced to shut down. 

“By the way, they tried that in Germany. Now they’re going back and building coal plants all over the place. Because they destroyed Germany. They have no energy. So Germany now is building a coal plant every two weeks. And China is building a coal plant every week–every single week they’re putting up a new coal plant. And we’re playing games with the wind. It's terrible what’s happening with our country.

“There is nothing to replace our energy at this time, not even close. It's very expensive and it's very weak–it doesn’t have the power to power up those big plants that you see.

“At the same time Biden is shutting down existing power plants, he also wants to force hundreds of millions of Americans into ultra-expensive electrical vehicles. They will strain the grid to a breaking point. It already is at a breaking point. If you look at California it already is, it's got brownouts and blackouts every single day, people can’t turn on their air conditioning. It will drive electricity prices into the stratosphere.

“If Biden’s policies go forward, our electricity costs will be the highest on earth. They’re already very close.  With shortages, blackouts, and crippling inflation, US manufacturing will be dead, and China will be laughing all the way to the bank.

“My plan is the exact opposite. As President, I will set a national goal of ensuring that America has the lowest energy prices of any industrial country anywhere on earth. I want to be number one. We were energy independent just three years ago, and now we’re begging Venezuela for their oil. And yet we have many times more than any other country. No country, Saudi Arabia, Russia, nobody, no country has what we have.

“We will develop the liquid gold that is right under our feet. Including American oil and natural gas, and we will also embrace nuclear, clean coal, hydro, which is fantastic, and every other form of affordable energy to get it done. 

“We will not only match China, we will be cheaper than China by a lot! And more energy will mean lower inflation, and it will mean more jobs.

“I will cancel Biden’s ruinous power plant rules, and terminate his electrical vehicle mandate. If you want to buy an electric car that’s fine, but you should be able to buy every other form of car also. 

“And unleash domestic energy production like never before. Just think of it, energy independence three years ago, energy dominance was going to follow very shortly. We were going to pay off our debt, were going to lower taxes for everybody, and they ended that, they immediately ended that. First day, ended it.

“I will fully modernize the electric grid to prepare it for the next hundred years, implement rapid approvals for energy projects, and green light the construction of hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of brand new, beautiful power plants that actually work. 

“This will pave the way for an enormous growth in American wealth.

“In the future every manufacturing plant, every data center, every semiconductor facility, assembly line, will want to be built in America, they’re all going to want to be in America, because the lowest cost of energy is a big factor. 

“This will be the place where the cost of energy is lower than any place else on earth, where the economy is stronger than any place also on earth, and where the workers are the best, brightest, and most talented anywhere in the world.

“I want to thank you very much. We cannot let this man, who is diminished mentally and physically–but much worse mentally–we cannot let him tell us what to do with our country. He has no clue; he can’t put two sentences together. We have to make America great again, and we can’t do it with a man who is severely diminished. Thank you very much.”

President Trump is spot on when he connects energy costs to manufacturing. As he mentions, the case of Germany over the last two years is an unfortunate negative proof. Electricity and energy costs have skyrocketed for Germany’s once-famous industry, which has been the engine for the European economy. This is the result of a combination of shutting down Germany’s nuclear power plants for insane ideological reasons, moving towards ineffective sources like wind, combined with the loss of Russian natural gas. This double self-destruction is equivalent to the Biden push for the Green New Deal, electric vehicles, and all-renewable electricity by 2035. 

Since February 2022, electricity prices for Germany industry have more than doubled, and the government is now attempting to subsidize electricity costs for German firms at $4 billion per year. Even with these subsidies, one in three German industrial firms is reported to have plans to move production abroad. Without a stable energy environment—which Russia provided with long-term contracts at below-market prices—German firms, and firms internationally, will increasingly seek locations with long-term stable and low cost energy for industry. Germany is being destroyed, and the German people are reaching a breaking point.

For perspective, in the U.S. currently, 40% of all U.S. power supply (combining the burning of fuels with electricity consumption) is used for industry and manufacturing, excluding transportation. Prior to Wall Street’s globalization agenda which gutted U.S heavy industry, manufacturing, and advanced production in areas like telecommunications and semiconductors over these last thirty years, it was over 50%! For comparison, China uses 55% for industry today, and is the center of global manufacturing.

With approximately 5500 power plants in operation in the U.S. today using either coal, natural gas, nuclear, hydroelectric or petroleum, and with some plants containing more than one power generator, Trump’s proposal to build hundreds of new and modern plants can increase U.S. electricity and power supply by more than 10%. And President Trump is absolutely correct–this new capacity can and should be entirely dedicated to rebuilding the American manufacturing sector. 

The majority of these plants should be nuclear for two critical reasons. First, it's the most effective and reliable form of energy long term, and this is based on LaRouche’s energy flux density metric for economic growth. Second, nuclear plants require greater manufacturing inputs due to complexity of design, safety requirements, and materials. This means we get the most advanced energy with the greatest boon to our manufacturing sector at the same time, and if at the scale of hundreds of plants then we can build out our national manufacturing capacity on a rapid scale.

President Trump also plans on rebuilding the power grid, which requires 3,000 to 5,000 new extra-high voltage transformers, each of which currently requires 12-18 months to build, and which cannot currently be built in the U.S. As multiple reports have found, the U.S. is vulnerable to numerous threats, including solar flares and other cosmic activity which could decimate our electric grid in a matter of minutes in areas affected by extreme solar activity.

Merely to build the power plants will require a major increase in manufacturing, construction, and industry within the U.S. By rebuilding and fortifying the national grid, with all parts produced domestically, we will further expand U.S. industrial capability and ensure national security long-term. 

To accomplish this project, which approximates LaRouchePAC’s Project Prometheus—a plan to build 1000 nuclear power plants over Trump’s next four years—will also require ending the unconstitutional independence of the Federal Reserve, and a return to Hamiltonian national banking. 

More on that, and other implications to come!