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Nuclear rockets to the Moon or nuclear annihilation? It's been 80 years since the Manhattan project, and our woke professional classes still aren't sure which is better for solving problems.

NATO is nothing but a vain, senile, and cowardly Wehrmacht with a British accent, intent on destroying Russia but only if it looks good on cable news! This geopolitical horror must be ended as Donald Trump demanded last week, and it must be replaced with a new nation-based era of development.

The shape of that development is reflected in NASA's space exploration breakthroughs—our real, viable future. This is the Trump effect, which must be amplified by a new cultural worldview based on LaRouche's economics.

Trump launched his campaign in New Hampshire and South Carolina, and has hit hard on the very anti-Bush themes of ending war and defending Social Security. He is being backed up by Speaker McCarthy who just took austerity off the table of debt ceiling negotiations, by refusing to cut Social Security or Medicare, and even threatened possible defense cuts.

The new Jordan Committee, tasked with investigating the weaponization of government, is starting to spook the spooks. (Scratch a spook, find the ghost of George H.W. Bush.) It's not 1999 any more.

But what will 2099 look like?