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For nearly three thousand years, the story of Prometheus, the Greek god who stole fire from Zeus and gave it to Mankind, has been central to efforts of great thinkers and leaders to liberate mankind from the the tyranny of oligarchy. Today we see an unprecedented onslaught by the would be rulers of the world to extinguish not only the physical manifestation of that fire, human control of ever higher energy technologies, but the fire of that very creative mental capacity which makes us truly human and from which all human progress and freedom flows.

America’s constitutional republic was born out of a great upsurge of creativity in the arts science and economy and asserted its right to pursue this as a fundamental pillar of its identity. If today’s patriotic revolutionary revival rediscovers this principle it can overcome any obstacle deployed by the decaying oligarchical system.

In this week’s LaRouchePAC presentation, Dan Leach will discuss the Prometheus theme as it was developed by the ancient Greeks and by the Poet Percy Byssche Shelley and why Lyndon LaRouche considered it as so central to his thinking.