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Robert Ingraham's latest article, A Month of Satanic Oligarchical Conspiracies, made an implicit point. The Israel-Hamas war is not a regional conflict, but the outcome of a global new dark age that reigns over all nations like a satanic hell-storm.

The question is NOT who is more justified to use violence—Israel, Hamas, Ukraine, Russia, etc.—but who will join LaRouchePAC and Donald Trump to end the new dark age?

At core, we face a new Green pagan religion which asks for the destruction of all industry, production, and energy, as well as a devolution to a barbaric civilization of violence, brute empiricism, and tribal backwardness.

But out of the current rot, death and destruction can also rise the most glorious advancements in human culture. We just saw the largest rocket ever made come one step closer to expanding our economic horizons to the Moon and Mars. SpaceX's Starship is a flagship, like the Arbella was for the founding of the United States, and is something to celebrate. We will discuss this and more!