Trump could get JFK's treatment.

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Prior to Donald Trump, the last American President who challenged the regime running this country was John F. Kennedy.  He was assassinated by the American Security State, the enforcement mechanism for the global Anglo-Dutch financier oligarchy.  Kennedy, like Trump, was uppity.  John F. Kennedy vetoed the CIA/Joint Chiefs’ plan for nuclear war with the Soviet Union during the Cuban missile crisis.  He had opened a risky covert back channel to Khrushchev seeking peace which likely saved the world then.  He adopted an anti-globalist industrial development policy for the Third World, sought peace with Castro, sought a withdrawal from Viet Nam, and backed down the corporativist Wall Street steel barons by threatening to unleash the full wrath of the United States upon them, when their pricing trust sought to cannibalize the economy.

He did this knowing that the Security State killed its enemies and would most certainly kill him if he sufficiently crossed them.  He acted anyway.  Yet, he held back on “splintering the CIA in a thousand pieces and scattering it to the winds,” the desire attributed to him after the Cuban missile crisis and the Bay of Pigs almost ended the human race.  That hesitation is what ultimately killed him.

That cancer, what President Eisenhower referenced in his farewell speech but left completely intact, has metastasized ever since.  In early 2017, the corrupted leader of the U. S. Senate, Chuck Schumer, could famously warn Donald Trump in early 2017 not to challenge the intelligence community and pass it off as superior politics. They have “six ways to Sunday” to take you out, Schumer said. Challenging them is “dumb.”  That cancer is what is killing our Republic and must now be vanquished if “government of the people, by the people, and for the people” now almost among the walking dead of history, “shall not perish” from the Earth.

Now, they are seeking to take out that other President, Donald Trump.  For now, they are using lawfare instead of bullets.  While the MAGA movement is good at protest, in key battleground state after key battleground state in 2024 it is splintered in petty internal fights and dynamics most certainly cultivated and inflamed by agents of the Security State.  The Ron DeSantis campaign is a good example.  Running to the alleged “right” of Trump on abortion, Fauci and vaccines, and woke agenda items, DeSantis is clearly not running a general election campaign.  His role is to splinter the MAGA base and demoralize it, pure and simple.  So too with all the other candidates, with the possible exception of Vivek Ramaswamy.  Each is the captive of favored Wall Street or Silicon Valley billionaires.  Each looks to take a piece out of Trump and MAGA.  They must all be summarily and completely rejected right now.

Our enemy is unified with a singular enraged and fanatically religious objective:  mobilize to win the election, to take out Trump, and to break the MAGA movement.  Do so, by exploiting MAGA’s weaknesses:  its present inability to govern this entire country, not just the local school board or state; its present inability to reach out and recruit new constituencies among disaffected minorities, trade unionists, youth, anti-war and anti-surveillance state activists, and others who clearly now see that the nation is in absolute peril.  Defining ourselves as victim underlings, we are easily provoked into predictable impotent fits of anger and cynicism.

Meanwhile, the senile President and Washington-corrupted Congress can dole out crumbs to the populace, relieving some small aspects of the economic pain they are suffering, with lower drug prices, relief on student loans, or the ability to terminate an unplanned and unwanted pregnancy.  In a culture permeated with despair, nihilism, and pessimism, where life itself often appears impossible, abortion is held tight as a necessary benefit.

Winning the general election and governing this country requires political cadre not just immersed in the ability to run a ground game and turn out a winning vote, although that is obviously urgent, essential, and now totally lacking.  Winning the general election means looking at the enemy arrayed against us as you look at an enemy in war.  Who are they?  Who finances them?  What are their weaknesses and how do we exploit them?

By far our biggest weakness is thinking small.  Donald Trump does not suffer from that weakness.  He has laid out a bold economic vision in Agenda 47 which is the seed kernel for the type of economic revolution in advanced manufacturing, industry, and space exploration in this country which can truly lift all boats.  It is this optimistic national mission which can fire the imaginations and creative powers of our beleaguered youth.  Imagine building ten entirely new Freedom Cities on government land in the West utilizing classical principles of architecture and using that adventure as a model for rebuilding our decaying, ugly, and anarchic urban landscape.  That is what Trump has proposed.

Want to drastically reduce the debt?  Cut the forever war policy and the defense industry feeding trough.  Transform the nation into a producer society again versus the useless service and consumer society we have become.  Use advanced energy sources:  natural gas, fission, and fusion instead of the wind and solar power sources which can only fuel the depopulated feudal society our enemy wants.

Where do we want to be in 2024, or better yet, 2028?  What kind of economy, educational policy, and labor force do we need for that advanced economy?  Only that vision, and your mastery of it, will result in your ability to recruit the forgotten men and women, the majority of Americans, who are your base vote.  You are recruiting them not just to vote, but to back you in the battles for the future which are to come.  You must find the leaders in their ranks who can ascend to govern.  Only with the self-conscious backing and political activation of this majority can you defeat the Security State and truly splinter this enemy in a thousand pieces and scatter it to the winds.  That defeat and the enforcement of that justice is what LaRouche PAC is all about.  You can help us do this by donating to us and joining us in this fight now.