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It's just undeniable. The globalists are setting, or trying to set, the entire world on fire. They may not intend to, but it's the natural outcome of their policy--so what's the difference?

American soldiers have now been killed in Jordan by militia attacks, which will certainly lead to some type of military escalation targetting Iran. But why do we have troops in Jordan or anywhere in the Mideast?

An American tanker was targeted by Houthis in Yemen, leading to more American bombing. Israel saw the largest loss of life since the start of the war, with 21 soldiers killed in one attack, and is reportedly pulling back.

Ukraine is in total, utter collapse and destruction. With German and French farmers in revolt, Germany is looking to ban political parties which represent the farmers, and the German Green party, once opposed to all things nuclear, is now calling for Germany to have its own nuclear weapons for a war with Russia--but still insists on closing all German power plants!

In the US, radical and psychotic feminists are taking over the courts--see the $83 million ruling against Trump--since castrati fascists like Jack Smith are losing to Trump in their targetted lawfare. Biden and the US Senate are now promising to close the border once we give 30 million illegal immigrants citizenship, and mail-in ballots--as well as give work permits to 5,000 new illegal immigrants every day. No surprise Trump shot that deal down.

Through most of life, people accept a day-to-day linear notion of time for practical reasons. It keeps things orderly and simple. The Greeks called this notion of time Chronos, and even had a god named Cronos, who happened to eat his own children. Not surprisingly, they had another concept of time, called Kairos. This was a time based on human activity. The birth of a new child. The time to harvest. Qualitative time when meaningful physical change occurs, and when human action and responsibility are necessary.

Kairos is a noetic time measured only by decisive moments.

Welcome to the Kairos.