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This war is a cultural war. It is not a war of one nation or nations against another, not Russia versus Ukraine, not Russia against the U.S., not the west versus the east. It is a war of the sovereign peoples, the true nation states and their intrinsic right to advance and build a future society, versus a globalist slime which looks to subdue peoples as slaves, whether as petty bureaucrats, tech twirps, or talking heads.

The source of real political power today rests with the persons who have qualified themselves outside of the brainwashing centers called a classroom, or worse yet those pathetic souls that joined the ivy league country club for ideological servants. The people who have the real power are those that have come to understand the physical requirements necessary to keep society and civilization functioning for the coming 25-50 years, whether with energy and industry or educating the next generations on the great challenges in the next century.

There is a war for the powers of your mind, and we are building an army.