A residential building in Zaporizhzhia after Russian rocket strikes on Ukraine in the night on 10 October 2022. By State Emergency Service of Ukraine - source page, CC BY 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=124008691

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At this moment, just as the world is poised to plunge into depression, the Ukraine war–especially the Biden sanctions–can tilt it over into a rapid, uncontrollable spiral of civilizational collapse, reminiscent of the Fourteenth Century’s New Dark Age. This grim prospect defines America’s mission in this crisis.

Western Europe is already experiencing a drastic collapse of its physical economy, while America’s is experiencing severe strains. Biden and his Western European counterparts are doubling down on their insane sanctions/war escalation policy, despite its obvious failure, which is sparking the expected political backlash that has already swept aside the governments of Italy and the U.K., and will, most likely, soon sweep Biden’s party out of control of the U.S. Congress.

But there is little indication, yet, that the changes in government in Europe will result in any actual policy changes, despite the growing discontent and hardship of the European population. That is why the best hope for mankind lies in the actions of a post-election U.S. government which repudiates Biden’s policies. Many of the Republican candidates now surging in the polls are campaigning on pressing for an end to the war on Ukraine. President Trump has led the way on this, stating, correctly and repeatedly, that the war would not have happened were he President, and that he can bring an end to it. Congressman Kevin McCarthy, the prospective speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, has pledged that there won’t be a blank check for Ukraine if Republicans take the majority in the House.

If the war and the sanctions continue, important European industries will close down for lack of fuel, some forever, this winter. Many major plants have closed already. At the same time, some of Europe’s poor, elderly, and unemployed will freeze to death for the same reason. Once European governments actually sacrifice the lives of their less fortunate compatriots to the imperialists of Brussels, London and Washington, a moral miasma will cling to them forever. And Biden’s United States is moving in the same direction, although, for now, more slowly.

At the same time, the effects of those sanctions, combined with the current financial crisis, are creating insoluble problems for poorer countries: increased interest-rates combine with the skyrocketing exchange-rate of the dollar, to make it impossible for them to pay their dollar-denominated debts, or to import essential food and fertilizers.

Now, layer those most recent developments on top of the succession of financial/economic storms since 1971: the 1987 crash, the 1997 Asia and 1998 LTCM financial crises, and the 2008 crash–none of which has been resolved. Add on top of that, all the damage from the Covid pandemic, and especially from the draconian measures taken to control it.

Layer all that on top of the “Green” pestilence which has been continually chipping away, chipping away, at the foundations of economy and society ever since the first “Earth Day” in 1970. Clean coal, still today the most economical fuel for many uses, has been progressively shut down in the U.S. and Europe, the miners idled and their communities shuttered. Poorer countries have been denied desperately needed financing for coal-powered electricity--sentenced to darkness and disease. Nuclear power has been progressively curtailed, even though it generates no carbon dioxide and is the best fuel for our future. Insane German governments had already resolved in 2010  to phase out nuclear and coal power–only to be hit in 2022 by Biden’s sanctions, which cut off their Russian natural gas and soon their Russian oil–even while Biden shut down oil and gas exploration here in the U.S.

Taking all these things together, it should be clear that the fabric of world civilization as a whole entered 2022 in a tattered, much-weakened state–and that the Russia sanctions, war, and the unrolling depression can combine to give the coup de grace which will push it over the brink into civilizational collapse–something like what the Black Death did to an already drained and prostrate Europe in 1347-51, when it followed after the Great Famine of 1315-17 and carried off one-third or more of Europe’s population.

It is paradoxical, but no less true, that Western Europe, in its dog-days of decline, is now unable to defend its institutions--and indeed is dutifully destroying itself and ultimately killing its own citizens. But yet at the same time, Western Europe still contains cultural and scientific capabilities which are unique and irreplaceable for mankind. The world’s dependence on the advanced industries and science of Germany, the Netherlands and Italy (for example), is only a mirror of our continuing dependence on the Golden Renaissance as the wellspring of everything of value in our culture. Advanced industries are only a mediation of human creativity itself, as Lyndon LaRouche always taught.

Still today, when the so-called governments of Western Europe are only pathetic charades under the pestilence of the imperial European Union and World Economic Forum–still the Christian humanism of the Renaissance yet persists and pushes up new green shoots through the ordure. Here in the United States, our forefathers made an enduring advance over Europe when they created this republic “out of the blue” for a “New Order of the Ages.” It was the American System of Economy which invented human flight and brought mankind to the Moon, and no other system could have done it. But nevertheless, the older roots of the Renaissance are still alive, even amidst its ruins, in Europe. Classical art and science form an indissoluble unity. We still need the next new discoveries from the lands where Beethoven and Verdi are performed where they composed. Remember that the scientists Planck and Einstein were musicians, their thinking and their friendship grounded in music.

Pope Benedict XV staked everything on his attempt to prevent, and then to end World War I, which he identified precisely as “the suicide of Europe.” Today Europe is killing itself again, amidst what can become a suicide of world civilization. An America reawakened to its mission under Donald Trump—America, the youngest son of this ancient culture–has the mission to rescue it once again, on behalf of all men of all times.  It starts with putting our house in order on November 8th.