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The sample letter below has been sent to Speaker Mike Johnson on behalf of LaRouche PAC. We are encouraging other individuals and organizations to adopt it in whole or in substantial part and to send it to the new House Speaker in their own name, at this most perilous moment. In 2014, the American people stopped Barack Obama’s plan to bomb Syria by flooding Congress with protest. A similar flood must occur now into a House which has shown itself willing to challenge Washington’s madness.

Download a .PDF version of this call to action.

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Re: A Plea to Stop Looming Armageddon

Dear Mr. Speaker:

The House, albeit with the proviso that it must be paid for by cutting Joe Biden’s expansion of the IRS, has passed the first part of Joe Biden’s supplemental funding request with $14.2 billion dollars dedicated to Israel’s war with Hamas. The Senate will not pass the House bill. Now the House will take up Biden’s request for $61.4 billion in new war funding for Ukraine, $13.6 billion for administering the open southern border, and $16.5 billion characterized as for “countering China” and humanitarian aid.

None of this funding should be provided. Instead, the priority must be ending the prosecutions of Donald J Trump, ending Joe Biden’s wars, sealing our border, and returning to the foreign policy of Donald J. Trump, specifically building on his Abraham Accords for Middle East peace. Otherwise, we find ourselves hurtling down a course to World War III and the destruction of our nation.

Defunding the prosecutions of Donald J. Trump and impeaching Attorney General Merrick Garland are the paramount priorities. These prosecutions are systematically destroying our Constitution, illegally interfering in the 2024 national elections, and creating divisions in our country of an intensity not seen since the Civil War. Merrick Garland’s targeting, attempted jailing, and censorship of Joe Biden’s political opposition can only lead to a condition of lawlessness and violence and the imposition of dictatorial measures in their wake. One year from the most important election in our lifetimes, allowing this lawfare insurgency to proceed, means allowing the destruction of our country.

The war in the Middle East and Joe Biden’s senile and delusional view of it have combined to create an unparalleled terrorist threat to citizens of the United States. There must be no money for the border other than what is required to seal it now and hunt down and deport or jail the terrorists and other criminals who have already come across. The Congress must also demand from the intelligence and law enforcement community a concrete war plan for destroying those manufacturing fentanyl and other synthetics, destroying their distribution and money laundering facilities in the United States and world-wide, and provide funding for that war only.

It is widely recognized that the war in Ukraine is lost, at a cost of the destruction of that country and much of its population. Its premises were false, immoral, and corrupt. Since 2014, we have participated in a campaign to use the captive population of Ukraine to “weaken” and “bleed” Russia and, in Joe Biden’s words, to “put” its leader “down,” while the Beltway Bandits of our failing national defense profit massively. Were he in office now, Donald Trump would be talking to President Putin and using Putin’s understanding and relationships in the Middle East to prevent a disaster.

In the new situation created since October 7, Americans are now looking at both the Ukraine war and the Mideast situation in light of their sudden apprehension of the danger of a much wider war, or even World War III.

No new money should flow to Ukraine or Israel. With respect to Ukraine, a negotiation for peace must take place together with an investigation of war profiteering, and an honest education of the American public about how and why we went into and lost yet another war. Our lunatic President declares that we can fight and win two wars at once. On the contrary, the failure of American weapons, intelligence, training, and advice in Ukraine, shows that America is unprepared for twenty-first century warfare.

On the Mideast, Donald Trump’s Abraham Accords are the successor effort to all of those visionaries who saw that the Middle East, the world’s crossroads, can become the engine for massive development of Africa and Southwest Asia. That is premised on their two-state solution with respect to Israel and Palestine and massive economic development to lift up the Palestinian population from its present horrific condition. Before October 7th, as the result of these accords, the Middle East for the first time in decades appeared to be on the road to peace.

In our view, Hamas, an offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood and the Brotherhood’s history as an arm of British intelligence, created a trap for Israel in specific response to the potentials for peace and development inherent in the Abraham Accords.

The attack on October 7th was deliberately bestial, inhuman, and unspeakably horrific. It was geared to provoke rage and overreaction. Israel’s response, playing out in its brutality on the TV screens of the world, has united the “Arab street” and Muslims of any persuasion and isolated those Arab leaders who collaborated with Trump’s efforts. In 2017, Donald Trump’s first step in his peace initiative was to secure the end of funding for terrorism by the states he gathered at a May conference in Saudi Arabia. Terrorism has always been funded by states as a form of low-intensity warfare, and its funders have included the United States and Israel. As is well known, Trump’s effort largely focused on eliminating the Muslim Brotherhood and creating the conditions for Iran to eventually join the accords.

Now, in response to the ill-advised actions of Israel and the United States, Turkey, a member of NATO which possesses the second largest army in the alliance, and Iran, itself a fully-armed nation, are implicitly threatening possible war against Israel. A religious war such as this will engulf the entire region, and possibly the world, for decades to come. It is a war we must not join and cannot win.

If we had a President, like Donald Trump, he would be telling the Israelis not to destroy themselves, and to seek instead, an alliance which would destroy and defund terrorist operations functioning as arms of states from across the world. Destroying Hamas starts with destroying its funding.  He would be seeking an immediate ceasefire and an immediate development perspective for the entire area, building on the Abraham Accords. He would be seeking to preserve the standing of the brave and forward-looking Arab leaders who joined the Abraham Accords and recognized Israel, who now face popular revolt. We don’t have such a President, so the House, which must be a bastion of sanity, must act in his place to prevent a disaster.

We are circulating this letter throughout the United States and internationally. Let us remember Yitzhak Rabin’s declaration that the future belongs to those with the courage to change their axioms.

Very truly yours, 


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