A note to readers: this is an old post on the archive website for Promethean PAC. It was written when we were known as LaRouche PAC, before changing our name to Promethean PAC in April 2024. You can find the latest daily news and updates on www.PrometheanAction.com. Additionally, Promethean PAC has a new website at www.PrometheanPAC.com.

To fully play our part in the great drama which is unfolding in the United States of today, we must now go beyond the inspiration we all share, to grasp the scientific principles which underlie President Trump's leadership. Age-old principles not taught in any school, but known to great leaders through the centuries, and brought to light again by the late Lyndon H. LaRouche. He counted them among his "Secrets Known Only to the Inner Elites."

The task is urgent: to build a "deep bench" of leadership behind President Trump, who says that the deepest regrets of his first term involved choosing the wrong people. In the midst of the battle, we must now educate and train up the right people from the MAGA movement to run our country and renew our institutions at every level.