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The same centers of fake news, disinformation, and gossip which love to fawn over British royals have attempted to create a fad of disparagement of our Founding Fathers. They love to highlight and examine in minute detail each Founder’s individual peculiarities and imperfections, yet today no thinking person can deny the collective wisdom of the system of government they established in the 1789 U.S. Constitution. Having studied the entirety of human history, they foresaw the current convulsions we face.

Based on a rigorous study of history, they knew that Tyranny had plagued mankind throughout all prior history.

They knew that the British Empire would want to regain control the United States.

They knew that forces would want to attempt the establishment of a monarchy, or dictatorship, and that pure democracy led to mob rule.

They knew that lies and defamation would be spread.

They knew that elections could be rigged.

They knew that temporary collective insanity appears again and again in the history of civilizations.

They knew that private interests would seek to influence and turn the flow of public policy away from the General Good and toward Private Vice.

They knew that given a power or authority, many a person would seek to abuse it, and even keep it as permanent personal property.

They knew that if nothing else, vanity could be counted upon to create conflict and faction for which there was no real excuse.

For all of these foreseeable circumstances, and many more, the Founders made provision and established countermeasures. Some of those countermeasures have come to be known as “Checks and Balances.” We see them at work today. Our Constitution has witnessed a great tide of abuses which seem to overwhelm the Common Good and the People. But all of these abuses occur outside the parameters of the constitutional order and, in almost all cases bear the title “unconstitutional.” Remember Trump’s first impeachment, conducted in secret in the basement of the Capitol?  Look at the lobbyists and the defense/intelligence community seeking openly to corrupt the Congress and terrorize the Supreme Court.  Look at the corrupted judges of the D.C. District Court who have abandoned their oath to the founders and now invent whole new and arbitrary laws and conduct what amount to star chamber proceedings.

A few good men and women, however, have bravely stood up against the onslaught—most notably Donald Trump but also many, many more of lesser prominence. Besides trusting in the power of God and Truth, they put a great deal of trust in the ability of our Constitutional system to withstand mistaken or evil onslaughts.

So, it’s worth reviewing the genius of this Constitution. A parliamentary system could not have withstood the onslaught we have suffered of late. That is why some of the most blatant haters of America demand that our Constitutional republic be recast as a parliamentary system or a confederation!

The Founders deliberately set about to create a system of distributed power centers which would help to protect the interests of the losing minority against rapid changes wished by fickle temporary majorities. This system allows change to occur but the pace of change is slowed to allow deliberation to inform our navigation through troubled waters, and to give time for people to reassess and reform a new majority in reaction to mistaken measures undertaken by the previous majority.

For example, perhaps the biggest fight in the Constitutional Convention was over the composition of Congress. The two states with the largest populations and economies at the time were Massachusetts and Virginia. Their representatives, and those of other relatively large states, tended to believe that representation in the Congress should be based upon population—states with more people would get more Congressmen, while smaller states would get fewer Representatives. The smaller states were generally unwilling to give up the equality of representation (each state had one vote) which they enjoyed under the Articles of Confederation. In the end the bicameral Congress was set up to allow both the large states and small states to be able to protect their interests—the larger states would tend to dominate the House of Representatives and the smaller states would tend to dominate the Senate. Further, the fact that 2/3 of the Senate would remain unchanged after every election, slowed the speed with which changes could be implemented. This gave time for reassessment and reformation of majorities as new laws were tested and perhaps found to be deficient in one or other respect.

By means of this distribution of powers between the populous states and the small states, legislation would be elevated away from the special interests of the particular groups and towards the universally good and useful. Similarly, powers were distributed among the Executive, the Congress, and the Judiciary. The fact that judges were given lifetime appointments further slowed the pace at which changes in the law could be implemented. Authorities were similarly divided between the federal, state, and local governments.

Some say that all of these divisions of power are impediments to good government.

Yes, the UK, North Korea, China, and similar governments with highly centralized authority can make changes far more rapidly than can we. Such systems seem to work better than ours when their central authorities are implementing policies that foster progress and better futures for their nations. But what happens when the central governments make big mistakes and head in bad, or mistaken directions? Recovery in this circumstance often involves some type of bloody revolution, external war, or coup.

The beauty of the American Constitutional system is its protections for the political minority. The political minority is always able to maintain some degree of power in some part of the system—whether Senate or House seats, or via control of state or local governments, or via judgeships. By protecting the minority from complete destruction, the minority is afforded the possibility of proving that it has a better idea. The minority is, thereby, afforded the possibility of recomposing a new majority. Because in America no one is in a fixed position. The person who was in the majority, but begins to recognize the bankruptcy of the policies that the current majority is implementing, can easily leave and join the current minority—which may soon become the new majority.

This is the process we now see. Every day the abuses, the failures, and the insanities of the current leadership of the Democratic Party (whether it’s really Obama or some other predatory group) drives long-time Democrats away. More and more of the people and groups which once constituted the backbone of the Party, are joining the MAGA movement.

The more that President Trump and the MAGA movement are targeted and abused, the faster the movement grows. Much of this shift is due to the courage and determination of President Trump, but the Founders deserve some credit too! They set things up so that Truth might triumph in the end and the freedom of thought they championed resides deeply in the very sinews of our culture. 

This is where you, our readers, come in. If we succeed in overcoming all of the obstacles and restore President Trump to the White House in 2024, the same Constitution which gave some minimal protection to the MAGA movement in the aftermath of the 2020 election fraud and subsequent abuses of power, will provide some refuge for what remains of the collapsing Democratic Party. The diehards (and their friends and manipulators in London) will continue to attempt to use every possible lever to sabotage President Trump and his best plans to rebuild and revitalize our manufacturing and industrial economy while creating and exploiting the new scientific frontiers of the future.

It is not enough for President Trump to win. We have to build a super majority for key Agenda 47 and other American System policies—from the White House to the city hall. That means we must continue to win over more and more of the people now trapped in the Democratic Party or Bush’s Republican Party. These people have no future outside of implementation of the full economic program for which LaRouche PAC campaigns.  At a minimum make it your mission to:

  1. Talk to strangers about the American System, Agenda 47, and how we build our way out of the present economic disaster.
  2. Find local MAGA candidates and make sure they know about Agenda 47 and LaRouche PAC’s economic policies.
  3. Use your social media accounts to spread the word. Interact with online friends and repost LaRouche PAC social media posts.

The goal is to create a new governing majority from the White House down to the city councils and school boards that will be able to implement the economic changes required to Make America Great Again. That way the much-maligned Founders will be avenged as we create a bright future again “for ourselves and our posterity.”