LaRouchePAC organizers Michael Steger and Brian Lantz discussing Agenda 47 with activists in Michigan and Texas.

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From California to Texas to Michigan, LaRouchePAC organizers are deepening the discussion of Donald Trump’s new “Agenda 47” strategy among grassroots activists and MAGA leaders, and filling a dangerous vacuum that otherwise exists in the American political dialogue.

All one has to do is look at Avatar Biden’s 2024 election announcement or the RNC response to it, to appreciate the importance of the LaRouchePAC campaign. Biden’s video begins with yet another rerun of the January 6 “insurrection,”  while the RNC counters with an AI-generated response, portraying a dystopian view of America under Biden’s second term. Both address the American people as victims of whichever enemy image one choses.  Once, in New Hampshire back in 1988, Joe Biden confessed his entire world view to an associate of Lyndon LaRouche. The problem with LaRouche, he said, “is that he believes the American people are more intelligent than they really are.”  In other words, he banks on inducing stupidity as his central campaign strategy, and his senile performance as President normalizes and celebrates that decrepit state of mind. 

Donald Trump, instead, addresses the American people as builders and as citizens of a great Republic, with all the responsibilities that that demands. He is challenging the People to reach higher than they might  even believe possible.  When he says that he wants to “take a sledgehammer to globalism,” he is promising something that goes beyond mere opposition to the imperial system. He is ready to replace it–and the citizenry’s acceptance of that challenge will determine whether we have the moral fitness to survive.

That challenge is most evident in his March 3 proposal to “create a quantum leap that revolutionizes the American standard of living,” by building ten new “Freedom Cities,” offering baby bonuses, reviving our manufacturing, and unleashing new technologies.  It appears that LaRouchePAC is largely alone in understanding Trump’s intention, and in recruiting Americans to that Promethean identity.

Organizers at state-wide meetings in California and Michigan, both of which were dominated by Trump supporters, found little recognition of the broad scope of Trump’s Agenda 47 proposals or their revolutionary nature. 

On the weekend of April 21, a team led by Mindy Pechenuk, 2024 candidate for California State Assembly District 12, attended the annual meeting of the California Republican Assembly, the long-established conservative counter to the California GOP, and found overwhelming support for Trump’s campaign–and underwhelming recognition of Agenda 47. One exception was a long-time Trump campaign activist who had not only studied Agenda 47, but grasped the visionary nature of building Freedom Cities, and President Trump’s unique recognition of the enormity of the war danger and how to stop it. The LaRouchePAC team found people ready to be challenged to take up the mission of Agenda 47 and activate layers beyond traditional Republican or conservative constituencies.

The previous weekend, LaRouchePAC organizers, attending the Michigan GOP state committee meeting, similarly found few who know about Trump’s Agenda 47. This, despite the fact that these policies provide the pathway by which the Michigan party, under its new leadership, can achieve its stated goal of becoming the party of the working class.  

Why is it that outside of President Trump himself, LaRouchePAC is the primary proselytizer for Agenda 47? 

Plato’s Metaphor of the Cave

In his great (and generally misunderstood) dialogue, The Republic, Plato develops the metaphor of the cave, describing how slaves are chained to benches in a cave, such that they can only see the shadows projected on its back wall. Thus, they never see the sun or the actual objects which generate the shadows. 

So much of today’s political debate is about the shadows—the political, social, and cultural consequences of the fact that our physical economy has been systemically looted and destroyed over the recent decades, by the monetarist policies of the central banking system and the green lunacy of the environmentalists. The RNC huddles on the right-hand side fighting  over the shadows with the Democrats, who huddle on the left-hand side. 

Donald Trump has his face turned away from the shadows, toward the sun. His Agenda 47 embodies the elements of a policy which will generate an entirely new economy. This aspect of his campaign, dedicated to a truly human future for ourselves and our posterity, echoes central pillars of Lyndon LaRouche’s economic and scientific genius.  LaRouche’s forty-year campaign to build  a new economic renaissance from the ruins of the globalist Dark Age, provides the underlying principles which will allow us to not only live in the world of the sun, but to know the sun’s principles. 

So in addition to spreading the word about the mere existence of Trump’s Agenda 47, LaRouchePAC is conducting intensive discussions and classes around those principles, both in person and via video-conference. Last week in Houston, Marsha Bowen and Brian Lantz (who is doing a series of podcasts about Agenda 47), took a local LaRouchePAC audience through an intensive discussion, in which the question of increasing the actual standard of living was taken out of the “shadows” of money, and into the domain of physical production and human creativity. It was clear that people are hungry for these ideas.

A midweek Zoom call with activists in the Midwest, and a Saturday in-person meeting in Michigan with leaders and members of the local Republican Party, continued to deepen the discussion. The "MAGA Project" discussions being led by LaRouchePAC organizers in California are engaging leaders and activists throughout the state around Agenda 47. Next week, Michigan organizers will travel to Pittsburgh to present LaRouchePAC’s unique understanding of Trump’s Agenda 47 to a leading MAGA group in the critical swing state of Pennsylvania. 

With your help, we can do more! Let us know if you want to pull together an “Agenda 47” project in your state or area. 

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