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Billions of dollars in lethal aid to Ukraine and Israel are presently imprisoned in the U.S. House of Representatives where the outrage of the American people and the antiwar candidacy of Donald Trump have temporarily put them. Frantic maneuvers, billions in lobbyist cash, the blackmail portfolios in possession of our corrupt intelligence apparatus, are all loudly playing in Washington DC now. The Yoda of our financial collapse, Janet Yellen, put forth the line months back that continuing this killing and arms production spree means “jobs, jobs, jobs.”  She sold it as a welcome line for Congress members needing cover for trafficking in the most macabre forms of human torture and death. Now at every level of the Biden Administration, this is the chant. Enter Washington’s environs, over the past month, and the stink from the corruption now native there can seem overwhelming.

If The People succeed in preventing this money from flowing, these genocidal catastrophes will be dealt a lethal blow. That needs to happen. Now, however, Janet Yellen is pushing the way forward without Congress to keep funding Ukraine: use the frozen Russian Central Bank dollar assets to do the trick. That, of course, will further destroy the viability of the dollar and, with it, our entire financial system. 

Both moves need to be halted through popular mobilization. If we succeed in stopping this funding, it will be the first time The People have triumphed over this satanic machinery since shortly after World War II.  After we do that, we need to audit the entire “secret team” apparatus within our government which serves as the gendarmes for the British imperial “rules-based order.”  Its awful bloody history needs to be brought into the daylight so that the public will have no qualms about dismantling the whole disgusting Leviathan when Donald Trump takes office in 2025. Our very fat and evil defense industrial complex, our weapons manufacture on behalf of Malthusian zero population death schemes, needs to starve – not the tortured population of Gaza.

In Israel, a Massacre of Women and Children

The following exchange occurred in Congress on Thursday, February 29, between the man who agreed to sit in the nominal chair of Defense Secretary in the Biden Administration, Lloyd Austin, and Ro Khanna, one of the few remaining occasionally sane Democratic members of Congress:

Rep. Ro Khanna: Mr. Secretary, about how many Palestinian women and children have been killed by Israel since October 7. 

Secretary Lloyd Austin: It's over 25,000. 

Rep. Ro Khanna: Mr. Secretary? Yes. Last week, the U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights warned that any transfer of weapons or ammunition to Israel violates international law. About how many precision-guided munitions has the United States given Israel since the beginning of the war? 

Secretary Lloyd Austin: I don't have that number at my fingertips, but, we have […]

Rep. Ro Khanna: It's about 21,000 precision-guided munitions to Israel since the start of the war. Secretary Austin, last week you spoke to Defense Minister Galant, and you said, clearly, there needs to be a plan to ensure the safety and support of those sheltering in Rafah before any military operations proceed. National Security Advisor Sullivan has said he has not seen any plan yet. John Kirby said it would be a disaster to invade Rafah. If Netanyahu defies the United States and invades Rafah, will you commit today that you will halt any future military sales to Israel?

Secretary Lloyd Austin: Obviously, sir, that, that's a presidential decision but, you know, we expect that, and by the way, I spoke to Minister Gallant, last night, and I expect, that, when we provide munitions to, to allies and partners that they'll use them in a responsible way.”

You can watch the full morally repugnant exchange here, keeping in mind that Austin is not really in charge. The same can obviously be said of the senile puppet Biden. Are 25,000 women and children the Hamas terrorists who Israel vowed to destroy in retaliation for October 7th? It is now clear that Benjamin Netanyahu is implementing a “Final Solution” to the “Palestinian problem” as advocated by his Revisionist Jabotinsky Zionist creed. Seymour Hersh documents what is otherwise plain as day. Now, Israel proposes to move into Rafah in a “final offensive.”  Rafah is where most of the displaced and dispossessed 1.5 million of Gaza now shelter in dense disease-ridden camps. An offensive there by the now dishonored IDF will double and triple the death toll very, very rapidly.

We have long emphasized that Donald Trump’s Abraham Accords, preserving both Israeli state security and providing for massive development of Gaza and the West Bank through Gulf State and other Arab involvement and financing created the basis for a real two state solution. See also here.  Instead, you now have the predictable fight to the death between two British created counter gangs—the Muslim Brotherhood sponsored Hamas and the Revisionist Zionists led by Bibi Netanyahu.  Palestinian women and children are the sacrificial lambs in-between.

Joe Biden trashed Trump’s peace process. Anyone familiar with this powder keg knows that leaving it to the forces currently operating within the confines of the extant British plan for the area means certain conflagration. Trump sought to flip that chessboard over by going outside the extant geometry and intervening through other nations and economic development. Now as Ramadan approaches on March 11, most everyone sees a fatal explosion throughout the Middle East if Israel holds to its present intent not to let Muslims pray at the Al-Aqsa Mosque during the holy days. The planned offensive in Rafah would be the final torch. The over one hundred thousand vote rejection of Biden’s perfidy in this situation which occurred in the Michigan primary last Tuesday needs to now be joined by sane and moral Republicans and independents if this carnage, and the threat of a wider world war, is to end.

True to what Defense Minister Yoav Gallant said out loud just after October 7th, Israel’s conduct demonstrates that it is bent on starving to death and bombing to death all Palestinians, considered to be “animals,” in revenge for the terrorist attacks on October 7, 2023, in which 700 Israelis were barbarously killed by Hamas terrorists.  As the war proceeds, however, the atrocity propaganda used to justify outright genocide, has fallen apart, starting with the “babies cooked alive in ovens” and mass rape stories about October 7th. Roughly 70% of the civilian infrastructure in Gaza is permanently destroyed. In many locales, humans have resorted to eating animal feed to survive and now that is running out. The UN estimates that a full fourth of the population of Gaza, where the majority are women and children, are on the edge of famine and starvation, their bodies eating themselves.

On Thursday, more than 115 starving Palestinians were killed when aid packages appeared for the first time in weeks on trucks in Northern Gaza. Press accounts of this massacre attribute it to the IDR firing on the crowd and a stampede by starving human beings. Our country, rather than demanding that Israel end its siege of Gaza and allow for delivery of aid, has resorted to air drops of food, considered to be the least efficient means of delivery. True to Washington’s intent, we are virtue signaling in an ongoing genocide.

In Ukraine, “To the last Ukrainian,” Becomes Reality

The Ukrainian situation is at a similar turning point. It is now acknowledged, behind closed doors in Washington, that Ukraine has lost the war. Sometimes these admissions are leaked to the CIA scribes in major media. But somehow NATO and Washington must save face, particularly as the 2024 election season escalates. Admission of the depth of this strategic defeat will put the final nail in Joe Biden’s candidacy along with the foul apparatus which controls him. Hence, they hope to somehow create out of the air more Ukrainians who will serve as cannon fodder until 2025, when somehow, western wonder weapons will have been trained on by whatever Ukrainian is left to train.

The overriding problem here is that the Ukrainian population has been decimated. Millions have fled and won’t return. Hundreds of thousands have been killed. The country is in demographic collapse. There are simply no more “troops” of sufficient size to recruit and train. In the meantime, the Russians are moving forward along a wide front and, deprived of any air cover, the Ukrainians still fighting are simply being thrown headfirst into the slaughter, if they do not surrender. Standing orders require Ukrainians to kill anyone surrendering.

Every Washington analysis of how this war was going to go, how we were going to bleed Putin to death, balkanize Russia, and control energy production throughout Asia, the actual goals of this war, has proven to be a mad and evil delusion. We long ago outsourced the infrastructure and industrial capacity by which to wage conventional peer to peer war. By contrast, Russia is booming. The war and accompanying cultural mobilization have returned the Russian economy to full production. Our financial sanctions, built out of a crazed belief in finance rather than production, have hit the Russian war machine like so many feathers.

Desperate to preserve a narrative utterly divorced from reality, the British, NATO, and their U.S. pawns now concoct hybrid warfare plans for the next year which could very well trigger a nuclear war. That’s how the Ukraine money package before Congress will allegedly be spent. That is, the surplus of such funding which does not disappear into corrupt Ukrainian pockets.

Still, the deluded merchants of certain death are resisted by patriots in NATO member countries who aren’t willing to perish in a nuclear holocaust. The insane Macron of France and others opened the week by promoting the idea of putting NATO boots on the ground in Ukraine to fight. Putin answered that this is a redline which could lead to nuclear war. Audio from a German Bundeswehr meeting was leaked to the media. It features discussions of providing German drones and missiles to blow up the Kerch Bridge linking Russia and Crimea. Another Russian redline. Meanwhile, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz denounced Macron’s war mongering and outed the British for their present on the ground participation in Ukraine’s war against Russia, provoking a freakout by the Brits. You can read a summary of the present state of the war by the writer Simplicius here.

This must stop now. The People must emerge victorious.

Call your Representative: (202)224-3121

Kill these satanic wars before they kill you.