Obama meets Pietro Cardinal Parolin, March 27, 2014.

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At COP28, Cardinal Parolin, speaking for Pope Francis, put the hierarchy of the Catholic Church solidly behind the myth that sinful humans cause catastrophic climate change. Now that hierarchy is involved in a full assault on sovereign republican governments, with Mexico center stage.

by Leonardo Espitia Jordán of the LaRouche Veterans of Mexico.

Following the murder of two Jesuit priests by a narco hit-man on June 20, 2022, the Jesuit order of Mexico has spurred the hierarchy of the Catholic Church in that nation to launch a “national mobilization for peace.” The mobilization highlights “the search for new forms of government for Mexico in an inclusive and anti-authoritarian culture.”

At just the same time, the network that ruled Mexico for 30 years before current President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO), is also searching for such “new forms of government.” This British-controlled political and business network now seeks to impose parliamentarism on Mexico “in the face of ungovernability.”

While all this is happening in Mexico, the Vatican, at the direction of Pope Francis, is now engaged in systematically purging influential Catholic bishops within the United States, particularly those who openly support Donald Trump or oppose the Pope’s “green agenda.”

The “principalities and powers” of the New Venice (the Anglo-Dutch Empire), have launched their final offensive against Renaissance thought and the institutions it created. The “ecologist” King Charles III of Great Britain is no longer content to be the Defender of the Anglican Faith, but strives to lead a New Universal Faith, which fuses all religious and philosophical systems, to seek a pantheistic ecotopia. The worst of the evils that can befall humanity, in the face of the dangers of nuclear war and of global financial disintegration, is the plague of environmentalist pantheism and deconstructionism which King Charles demands.

The Catholic Church has become the target of a brutal imperial attack, to recruit it as a partner in this new “universal faith.” New Venice wants to end the Church’s Renaissance legacy by destroying the papacy, imposing “parliamentarism’’ as its form of government, and imposing the atheistic and modernist methods of “deconstructionism,” on its philosophy. All in order to use the Church’s enormous influence in the imposition of an obscurantist new ecological Malthusian order.

The modern Catholic Church and the Nation-State Republic share a common origin. In the middle of the 15th century, Europe was struggling to emerge from the dark ages of the 14th century. The looting of the European feudal economy by the Lombard and Venetian banks had ultimately bankrupted those banks themselves, and led to the Black Death which wiped out three-quarters of the population and most of the parishes. Thanks to the Golden Renaissance, humanity was able to emerge from that obscurantist calamity, creating the intellectual foundations of modern science, art, and statesmanship. The Renaissance is a watershed for humanity. At the heart of this Renaissance splendor, the contributions of Cardinal Nicholas of Cusa were decisive.

Cardinal Cusa, at that critical moment for humanity and for the Church itself, was commissioned to define with philosophical rigor the government that was appropriate to the Church, in the dispute between “conciliarists,” who believed in government by councils, and “papists.” The same dilemma that reappears in our day. Cusa approached the confrontation from the philosophical perspective of “the One and the Many,”—embodied in his “Learned Ignorance.” On the basis of the Socratic method, he discovered the leap to the transfinite principle that makes possible the coincidence of opposites. This became the basis of modern science and of the renewal of the papacy—and in that sense the basis of the Nation-State and the Presidential Republic.

Lyndon LaRouche once referred to the figure of the Pope as the procurator of humanity. Within the Catholic Church, Pope Benedict XVI was identified as the pope of “faith and reason.” In that light it is pertinent to recall the words of Lyndon LaRouche: “The question here is to get to the choice of principle and let the principle define what the action is. It's not the person, it's the principle, and the principle leads to the person. If it's done right, it works.”

Benedict’s Resignation and Francis’ Election a Watershed

Today, in contrast to the Church’s Renaissance heritage, Pope Francis has incorporated pantheistic symbolism into his environmental encyclical Laudate Si and his apostolic exhortation Laudate Deum. On the eve of the Synod on the Amazon, on October 4, 2019, the Pope and an important group of Cardinals and Archbishops witnessed in the Vatican gardens a pagan ceremony in honor of La Pachamama, a female deity of fertility represented in a statuette symbolizing a pregnant woman. That statuette would later be placed on the altar of a Vatican church, a fact that caused commotion within the Church and in other Christian denominations. A group of young people threw it into the river. Faced with this, the Pope apologized and declared that it was mere symbolism. Eventually, the statuette was rescued from the bottom of the river.

In a world facing the danger of nuclear war, Pope Francis has become the leading figure in the effort to unite the world’s biggest religions and philosophical systems around “world peace and caring for the environment.” This could be seen at the religious summit held in Kazakhstan on September 14-15, 2022, and on his most recent trip to Mongolia. Consistent with this ecological vision and activism, synodality or conciliarism is encouraged within the church as a new form of government, all permeated and justified by anti-authoritarian reasoning. The new form of government that is “from below,” “horizontal,” “inclusive,” “anti-clerical” and “anti-authoritarian” could simply be called “anti-logocentric.” That is, no longer centered around the Logos.

As part of this effort, the first phase of what is called “the synod of synodality” just concluded in the Vatican, bringing together more than 250 cardinals and for the first time a hundred lay people, with the aim of establishing important changes in the Church. The aim is to put an end to the Renaissance papacy by enforcing deconstructionism in thought and conciliarism in government, leading to the fragmentation of the church into particular churches.

It is important to mention that the participants in this synod made sure not to harm the environment, taking a number of measures to counteract their “carbon footprint.”

The great novelty at the Nov 30-Dec 12 COP28 Summit in Dubai, besides the demand for more ironclad dictatorial measures for “the care of the environment,” was the launching of a global environmental religious entity, in which Pope Francis was expected to have an outstanding role. This was cut short when he was unable to attend due to health problem, but, nevertheless, that did not postpone the global environmentalist religious content. Cardinal Pietro Parolin, Secretary of State of the Holy See, brought it on behalf of the Pope. To get a clearer idea of what the COP28 summit represents, we recommend for you to read Robert Ingraham's article published in LaRouchePAC “COP28: The Coming Fall of Babylon.”

The United Mexican States

This year 2024 will mark the 200th anniversary of the founding of our Mexican Republic, and it will be a decisive year.

In the final days of his term in 2012, the then President Felipe Calderón Hinojosa, expressed his desire to change the name of the United Mexican States, as it is in its Constitution, to simply Mexico. This is an expression of the historical desire of right-wing synarchism, which, like its left-wing side, seeks to put an end to our republican heritage. The great tragedy of Mexico is that in the confrontation between “Conservatives and Liberals” the presence of the Anglo-Dutch imperial elephant in the room is always overlooked.

The Republic is not the product of an ideology; the Republic is the expression of a universal physical principle. It was conceived as a perfectible dynamic unit of representative multiplicities, guided by the transfinite principle of the General Welfare. The Republic cannot be understood without the science of physical economy, nor the science of physical economy without the Republic.

It is opportune to remember Miguel Ramos Arizpe, from Coahuila, named for his merits Benemérito de la Patria and Father of Mexican Federalism. He was a prominent Catholic priest, a Doctor of Theology, an individual known in his time for his commitment to social justice and the cause of the American continent. Ramos Arizpe, who was powerfully influenced by the economic prosperity and general welfare of the young North American Republic, led a group of determined Mexican constituents who, carrying the Constitution of the United States under their arms, promulgated the Mexican Constitution of 1824 in which the United Mexican States was founded as a Federal Constitutional Republic.

Every patriot is called to understand and defeat today’s offensive of the Anglo-Dutch Empire that seeks to put an end to the Republic. Catholic believers must understand that the offensive to destroy the Republic, by seeking to impose parliamentarism, is part of the same offensive to end the papacy and the Church.