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In 1988, Lyndon LaRouche outlined a 40-year national project to build a city on Mars. Naturally, the oligarchy panned his proposal as the nonsense of a crackpot. Yet, in 2017, most of LaRouche’s “crackpot” ideas were turned into President Donald Trump’s Space Policy Directive 1. That directive made it American national policy to expand our current permanent human presence in Low Earth Orbit, to a permanent human presence on the Moon. And, it further directed that the permanent human Lunar operations in turn, will serve as the proving ground for the human exploration of Mars.

Despite the intervening decades since our last human explorations of the Moon, we do not yet have the technical and logistical capabilities to permanently operate on the Moon, not to mention Mars. In Saturday evening’s class, Michael Carr and Kevin Zondervan will discuss the emerging new technologies—in particular, the fusion rockets which will turn the Promethean initiatives of LaRouche and Trump into reality, and thereby transform life on Earth and in the Solar System.