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Any patriot of mankind is a nationalist. To love any nation, one must first love their own. To despise any nation, is to be a patriot of none. Why? Because the nation state is the greatest discovery in the history of mankind. The nation-state, any true Nation, is never merely an ideology or corrupt bureaucracy, but is a bounded expression of the universal culture of human creative endeavor. It is filled with the genius of its people, their talents, skills, passions, history, and hopes. When Americans landed on the Moon, it took the genius of many individuals and the efforts of our entire nation. And when those Astronauts toured the world, in whatever nation they landed, they were welcomed as true patriots. A true Nation gives power to the individual through the opportunity to accomplish the impossible.

This is what is stirring in the United States right now, as the citizens movement catalyzed by Donald Trump and accelerated by the elite’s insane policies of war and economic destruction grows in size and power.

For too long, the British-liberal ideal of the cosmopolitan fop has reigned supreme, and today these fops like Obama and Macron, dominate bureaucracies, the media, and college campuses alike. But as these fops expose themselves for the bearded-lady crackheads that they are, it's now critical we reassert the cultural and intellectual superiority of the nation-state and end the tyranny of the globalists.

This is how we end the march toward war against Russia, how we end the hyperinflation and stagflation of the Federal Reserve, and how we regain sovereign control of our nation.