Trump speaks to reporters after pleading not guilty. NBC News Screengrab

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Last week our elites dropped their third indictment on Donald Trump, a document which declares, in the plainest language possible, that they think the U.S. government belongs to them, rather than The People and their elected President and representatives. Article II, Section 3 of the Constitution commands the President to “take care that the laws be faithfully executed.”  Faced with an ongoing coup, which began the day he took office and culminated in a stolen election, Donald Trump fought through the last stage of the coup, on January 6, 2021, when that election was certified, to fulfill his Constitutional duty as President. That is what Jack Smith’s indictment says is criminal and illegal. Formerly the Secret Government assassinated Presidents for such defiance. Our present bloodless elites prefer lawfare, not only eliminating the recalcitrant but destroying the foundations of the republic itself.

Former Congressional leader and legal scholar Mike Davis calls the lawfare campaign now aimed at jailing the former president and leading presidential candidate for 2024 a “republic killing scheme.”  Accordingly, it must end now, before it even comes close to its goal. Defunding Jack Smith and starting impeachment proceedings against Attorney General Garland are urgent measures endorsed by Davis, Rep. Matt Gaetz and Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green, along with other Senators and Representatives. LaRouche PAC's petition to “Stop the Prosecutions of Donald J. Trump Now” is aimed at making this happen in Congress this fall. It is gathering steam as the blowback from the campaign against Trump mounts. Please read, sign, and circulate it.

The indictment claims, incredibly, that the President’s fulfillment of Constitutional duty is a fraud against the United States. After all, Smith pontificates, “credible” members of the Security State told Trump he was wrong about widespread fraud and rigging of the election, yet Trump refused their advice and fought on. By doing so, according to Jack Smith, he fomented unfounded and dangerous “distrust” of the government and its institutions. Widespread anger resulting from Trump’s “lies” resulted in the J6 “insurrection” against the U.S. government -- a now quasi sacred event in the secular religion of the elite’s corps of Washington apparatchiks.

It has been clear for months that J6 event was a Security State provoked and controlled two-hour riot which only delayed certification of the election results until the evening. It is also clear that Trump’s challenge to the Presidential election was not different in scope to the challenges which have occurred every election under the Electoral Count Act since 2000. The alternative slates of electors, now charged for the first time as a crime, date back to the Kennedy/Nixon election of 1960.

But it is also clear now that the government Jack Smith salutes is not that of the United States. It is the Secret Government acting in concert with a globalist central bank oligarchy which has run Washington ever since Harry Truman succeeded FDR. This is a cancer which metastasized radically after 9/11 and, in the wake of the Obama presidency, now involves government by executive branch collective. Trump’s resistance to them is the emotional turbulence and battle fatigue which many associate with Trump. Barack Obama and his intelligence community friends ran the coup against Trump and now run the White House for the mentally vacant and corrupt occupant, Joseph R. Biden. Obama biographer David Garrow raises precisely this point in a stunning interview for Tablet Magazine. Why is it forbidden for the press to cover the comings and goings at Obama’s D.C. mansion from which the current presidency operates?

Many exalt in the fact that Jack Smith’s bogus and bizarre legal theory opens the entirety of the coup against Trump to exposure in his legal defense. That is definitely true, but the current corruption of Washington is such that there is simply no way Donald Trump can receive a fair trial there.

No less than three of the sitting judges of the D.C. District Court, Amy Berman Jackson, James Boasberg, and Trevor McFadden, showed up in the audience of Trump’s arraignment, like so many arsonists returning to the scene of the crime. The Judge in the case, Tanya Chutkun, is a former lawyer and Democratic Party operative at the Democratic law firm Boies, Schiller where she practiced at the same time as Hunter Biden. She employed Fusion GPS, as investigators on her cases, the U.S. employers of Christopher Steele and the firm behind the Russiagate hoax. In the J6 cases before her, she has been the toughest sentencer and her statements in those proceedings blame Donald Trump for what she considers to be sedition against the United States. She already disqualified herself once when the House Intelligence Committee subpoenaed Fusion’s bank account to find out who was paying Steele. She will resist recusal in this case. The jury pool is 95% Democratic and rabidly anti-Trump. Similar conditions exist in Manhattan and Atlanta.

As with each new lawfare attack, outrage in the population to this one was immediate and palpable. Trump defiantly tweeted that he only needed a fourth indictment to secure his ascent to the 47th Presidency because that is the true response of the American people to the attack on them.

Trump allies Devin Nunes and Kash Patel point out that the fraud against the United States conspiracy statute, misconstrued by Smith to apply to Donald Trump’s constitutionally protected activities as President and his rights under the First and Sixth amendment, is the same statute they appropriately cited in referring numerous members of the Obama/Biden Security State to the DOJ for prosecution in the hoax against the President and the American people known as Russiagate.

They also note that throughout the coup against Trump, our nation’s enemies have projected the crimes they were committing on to the innocent 45th President. For example, Hunter Biden’s business associate and former best friend, Devon Archer, told the Congress last week that Vice-President Joe Biden enjoyed a dinner with the former wife of the Mayor of Moscow at Café Milano in Washington in 2015 who then forwarded a million dollars to Hunter, for the access presumed. Joe Biden, Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton (herself with multiple Russian oligarchs as contacts) then concocted the Donald Trump as agent of Putin Russiagate hoax to defame Trump, and then to subvert both his administration and U.S. relations with Russia, using the former head of Britain’s rabid MI6 Russia desk, Christopher Steele, to give the hoax legitimacy.

When Trump questioned whether lethal weapons should be sent to the most corrupt country in Europe, namely, Ukraine, and raised the issue of Biden’s corruption in that country, he innocently kicked over a hornet’s nest. As the Republican House is now documenting, Biden was knee deep in Ukrainian corruption, having gotten the country’s prosecutor dismissed in a quid for quo straight up bribe which netted the Bidens millions of dollars from the gas company Burisma, then under investigation by the prosecutor. The lethal weapons were part of an Anglo-American plan to build the Ukrainian Army over a period of years for the war now ongoing with Russia, a plan the “interagency” most certainly did not tell Trump about. They staged Trump’s first impeachment to protect both the plan’s implementation and Joe Biden.

The indictment occurred in a week of stunning developments which undermined its central claims.  The National Pulse obtained the interview Tucker Carlson did with former Capitol Police chief Steve Sund which was suppressed by Fox News. That interview contains Sund’s description of being cut out of all intelligence briefings on January 6th, denials by Nancy Pelosi and Senate leadership of Sund’s requests for the National Guard, discussion of the dozens of undercover federal agents active in the crowd on January 6th and features Sund’s view that all things considered, “It is almost like they wanted what happened to happen.”  He calls the J6 Congressional findings, which constitute the bulk of the Smith’s new Trump indictment, a “complete coverup.”

Mike Pence, who covertly kept book on President Trump’s statements to him following the election and handed those notes over to Special Counsel Jack Smith, came out swinging against President Trump as unqualified to be President once the indictment dropped. This prompted Julie Kelly and others to review Pence’s tweets right up to January 6th promising that Congress would hear and adjudicate claims of vote fraud – a public record at odds with Pence’s current claim that he told Trump and his “crackpot lawyers” repeatedly that his plan to seek delay of certification in the House had no legal basis. Julie Kelly asks the right question: Was Pence’s January 6th turnabout a deliberate and planned provocation and incitement of those gathered on Capitol Hill?

Bernie Kerik, the former NYC Police Commissioner, and investigator for Trump lawyer Rudy Guiliani handed over his vote fraud investigative files to Jack Smith. They document thousands of claims of fraud with Kerik telling Guiliani and Trump that they just needed more time from the House to further substantiate the evidence. The Twitter files and Facebook files demonstrate how social media was ordered by Bill Barr’s DOJ and Homeland Security to suppress the story about the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop ahead of the 2020 election while the Trump team investigating the laptop was subjected to DOJ and FBI surveillance and investigation.

Jim Jordan released files last week demonstrating that once Biden was installed, the White House itself coordinated the censorship regime against Americans directly with respect to “malinformation” about COVID. 

Any citizen doubting that Donald Trump was right about the theft of 2020 should educate themselves, starting with Mollie Hemingway’s conclusive account in Rigged.

Again, this can and must be stopped. Sign and circulate the petition. Donate so that we can expand this campaign.