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Barbara Boyd hosts 'The Monday Brief' discussing the latest political and strategic developments. She highlights Trump's securing of the Republican nomination and the push to dismantle opposition apparatuses, aiming for his re-election. Boyd touches upon Trump's Agenda 47 and the influence of Lyndon LaRouche's visions for rebuilding America and the world. She explores concerns with the global economy, tensions in Ukraine and Israel, and the influence of political narratives on these conflicts. Boyd emphasizes the importance of intellectual and programmatic changes within the Republican Party, drawing on Abraham Lincoln's legacy. The briefing also addresses the challenges and strategies ahead, including influencing policy, countering censorship, and tackling economic and foreign policy issues as outlined by the current administration and its impacts.

Russell Brand interviews Mike Benz https://rumble.com/v4i13xh-hes-exposing-the-deep-state-no-one-is-ready-for-whats-coming-in-2024.html

Barbara's Article on Trump and his Middle East Peace Plans: https://www.larouchepac.com/trump_held_and_holds_the_key_to_middle_east_peace

00:00 Introduction and Overview
00:20 The Strategic Situation and Trump's Agenda
02:39 Global Economic Uncertainty and Political Tensions
04:08 The Situation in Ukraine and the Threat of War
07:38 The Collapse of Europe and the Green New Deal
08:45 The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict and Ramadan
11:05 Urgent Initiatives and Actions
12:15 The State of U.S. Foreign Policy and Bidenomics
13:47 The Censorship Industrial Complex and the Fight for the Nation
14:54 Conclusion and Looking Forward