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Today's episode starts with the idea of walking across a huge canyon on a tightrope. Below, wars rage, the working class and middle classes across the world function under stifling inflation and revolt. An entire generation, Gen Z says they don't believe they have a future. The insane oligarchs want to continue their world below and toy with nuclear war because any discussion of the true situation in Ukraine, to cite but one example would end their careers. If you look down, persistently on that tight rope, you will fall. If on the other hand you build, step by step, based on a future you are constructing on the other side, you will get there Trump's Agenda 47 provides the vision we need to build on. A major battle takes place today over free speech in the Supreme Court, the foundation for rebuilding the nation.

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NY Times article referenced

00:00 Welcome to Your Monday Brief
00:07 Navigating the Global Tightrope: Challenges and Visions
01:26 The World's Discontent with the Oligarchy
04:05 Trump's Vision vs. The Blob: The Battle for America's Future
09:24 The Urgent Need for a New Economic and Cultural Vision
12:59 The Supreme Court Battle for Free Speech
15:44 Looking Ahead: Rebuilding the Economy and Embracing Free Speech
16:19 Closing Remarks and Upcoming Events