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In eight Presidential campaigns, ranging from 1976 to 2004, Lyndon LaRouche challenged the imperial elites of the world by mobilizing the “forgotten men and women” of America to understand and act on his revolutionary policies to free the nation and the world from the grip of the modern British Empire, and to reverse the ravages of decades of “post-industrial,” neo-Malthusian, and neo-colonial criminality. So challenged were the global elites by LaRouche’s ideas and his political organizing, that he was framed up and thrown in prison for five years (1989-1994), by the very same intelligence and judicial networks that have waged the coup against Donald Trump, a coup which now would deny him his duly-elected second term.

“All we Americans have immediately at hand is the sleeping nationalist heritage embedded in our bones over more than twenty generations, the heritage of the eighteenth-century, worldwide American Revolution, and of the proximate predecessor, the Golden Renaissance.”
–Lyndon LaRouche, July 4, 1989, from Federal prison

At the close of his 2004 campaign, LaRouche, announced that, at the age of 82, he would no longer run for President himself, but would continue a vigorous role in American and world politics through his new political action committee. LaRouchePAC would champion his fight to dismantle the British Empire (rebranded as “globalization”) by arming peoples and nations with the Hamiltonian principles of the American System, and creating the conditions by which the major economic/political powers of the world—Russia, China, India and the United States—would come together to create a “New Bretton Woods” economic system in order to replace the financialized British-Wall Street monetarist system. This new system would be based on an inviolable commitment to national sovereignty and a mutual commitment to increase the productive powers of labor through scientific, technological and cultural progress.

Lyndon LaRouche campaigning for President, 1976.

From 2004 through 2016, LaRouche and LaRouchePAC battled against the London- and Wall Street-controlled Bush and Obama Administrations. Important campaigns were waged in the United States, to save the “machine tool” capability of the auto industry, to restore Glass-Steagall and to stop the bailouts of Wall Street, to defend the manned space program (whose termination in 2010 prompted LaRouche’s call for the impeachment of Barack Obama), to stop the perpetual regime change wars, and to roll back the surveillance state which had been created in the wake of 9/11.

LaRouche’s decades-long “outsider” fight for the true mission of the United States, continued by LaRouchePAC, kept a spark alive in the American people, which, in 2016, joined in the unfolding international revolt against the imperial elite, and elected Donald Trump the President of the United States. Throughout these past four years, LaRouchePAC has been in the forefront of the fight to defend the President, to expose the British hand in the ongoing coup against him, to beat back the geopolitical drive to pit the United States against Russia and China, and to advance the American System of economics through LaRouche’s “Four Laws for Economic Recovery.” LaRouchePAC uniquely recognized the “American System” character of President Trump’s Operation Warp Speed and the Artemis Project Moon mission and saw in those programs LaRouche’s “science-driven” concept of real economics.

LaRouchePAC views the mass movement which has emerged in the United States, largely around the fight to defend the President and the Republic, as a powerful force which has rejected the mental control of the established elites, and which must be turned into a self-conscious movement guided by a profound understanding of the millennia-long battle between the ideas of empire and oligarchy and the ideas which created our Constitutional Republic. President Trump’s ability to act, whether it be to secure his second term or to defeat the plans for central-banker-run green fascism, will be determined by the strength and intelligence of that mass movement.

Million MAGA March, Washington, D.C., November 2020.

This fight will not be won by making programmatic suggestions or hoping that existing, compromised institutions are capable of standing up, on their own, to the dictates of the global imperial elite. The war will be won when a new citizen elite qualifies itself to lead, armed with a deeper understanding of our historical mission, and armed with the intellectual weapons provided by Lyndon LaRouche.

“Insofar as we represent a rebirth of the worldwide American Revolution of 1763-1789, we are so qualified. Sometimes, the best new revolution is the rebirth of an old one.”
–Lyndon LaRouche, July 4, 1989, from Federal prison.