Among the players which the MAGA movement should keep their eye on: Former House Intelligence Committee Chairmen Pete Hoekstra and Mike Rogers; Betsy DeVos.

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Who benefits from the fight surrounding the chairmanship of the Michigan Republican Party? It’s not Donald Trump.

Start from the top. The British Empire, the security and banking headquarters of the global elite, has once again, as they did in the infamous 2018 House of Lords report, gone on record to stop a second Trump presidency. This past Sunday, the former head of MI6, Sir Richard Dearlove (of Russiagate fame), said, “You have to add a political threat, which I am worried about, which is Trump's re-election … which I think for the UK's national security is problematic.”  At Davos, the head of the European Central Bank and British stooge Christine Lagard, called Trump’s re-election a threat to all of Europe.

(Thanks, Sir Richard, for giving some free advertising to LaRouchePAC’s “Police Dossier: It Is the British Who Murder Our Presidents”)

Now focus on Michigan, which was one of the shockers of Trump’s 2016 election victory, and which is a critical swing state in 2024. The base of the Republican Party is pure MAGA in Michigan, and that base became the dominant force in the Michigan Republican Party (MIGOP) through a series of conventions between 2022 and early 2023, which wrested power away from the Michigan Republican establishment—a particularly putrescent section of the globalists’ Uniparty. Kristina Karamo, a fierce anti-globalist, became the first black, female chairman of the Michigan Republican Party in early 2023. 

If you were Sir Richard Dearlove, or one of the participants of the World Economic Forum, currently meeting in Davos, what might you do about a pro-Trump, grassroots party? Maybe, just maybe, you would try to tear it apart internally.  You definitely wouldn’t try that by having your operatives parade their anti-Trump sentiments.  

On January 6, 2024, 40 members of the MIGOP State Committee (which totals 107 people) voted to remove Karamo as chair of the party (five voted no). They argued that they had convened a legal special state committee meeting, that they had “followed the bylaws,” and that because more than 75% of the participants present had voted to replace Karamo with an acting chair, that they now constituted the official Michigan GOP.

One week later, the rest of the state committee convened under the Karamo leadership, and affirmed her position by a vote of 59 to 1. Here’s the math again: 107 State Committee Members: 59 voted for Karamo. 40 voted against. Guess which meeting and which vote the national news media covered? 

What happens next? Between February 15 and March 2, Michigan Republican delegates will choose 39 delegates to the Republican National Convention (16 others will be chosen in a February 27 primary). At this moment, there are alleged to be two Michigan GOPs. However this is resolved, in the courts, or by the Republican National Committee, thousands of MAGA patriots are now embroiled in this conflict, which has been going on for months. Critical focus on expanding MAGA and ballot security so that we can deliver a victory in November has been lost as the days and weeks roll by. 

Let’s get back to the question of who benefits? Well, it sure as hell isn’t Donald Trump. His most active supporters are now engaged in a circular firing squad. 

Deep State Lurking in the Fog

What is lurking out there amidst the fog of conflict, waiting to pounce? Among the three candidates being put forward by the “alternate” MIGOP to replace Karamo is former Congressman Pete Hoekstra. While having some pro-Trump bona fides (he supports Trump and was his Ambassador to the Netherlands), Hoekstra today represents the donor class. When he was in Congress he would have had to sell his soul to the Deep State as Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee between 2004 and 2008. In the previous decade, Hoekstra was all in on the war against Iraq, clinging to the intelligence community’s “weapons of mass destruction” fairy tale long, long after that lie was exposed. 

The other even more committed “Deeper Stater” making a major move in Michigan is Mike Rogers, the most well-financed candidate in the Republican primary for an open U.S. Senate seat (currently held by retiring Democrat Debbie Stabenow). Rogers is a former FBI agent and, like Hoekstra, was Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee from 2011-2015. (Stay tuned for more on Rogers role in protecting the intelligence community.) Rogers is also a member of the Atlantic Council, the foremost British intelligence catspaw in the United States with intimate ties to Joe Biden.  He shares this distinction with uber-RINO and former MIGOP Chair Ron Weiser.

In a March 2023 interview with CBS when he was considering his own run for President against Donald Trump, Rogers said that he would not commit to supporting Trump if he won the nomination, and that he didn’t believe Trump would be the Republican 2024 nominee. Seeing the inevitable, Rogers endorsed Trump on January 9, 2024

Let’s circle back to the original question. Who benefits from chaos in MIGOP? 

Every MAGA activist in Michigan knows about the globalist/Uniparty apparatus in Michigan, which includes Ron Weiser, the DeVos family (remember Trump’s Education Secretary, Betsy DeVos, who resigned in protest of Trump’s “role” in January 6?), and both the national and state House Republican Campaign Committees. That apparatus has used MIGOP as a laundromat for tons of dark money. That is what the 2022 and 2023 conventions were all about. Activists know that the globalists desperately want to get control of the party again. Is that one of the reasons why there is so much opposition to the Karamo Administration’s efforts to pull the veil back on who owns the so-called Republican headquarters in Lansing? A question worth exploring.

Yet, somehow, in the passions of personality and procedural conflict, the real enemy has been forgotten by too many. Instead, “chaos agents,” like John Yob, have done a masterful job of creating this terribly diversionary battle. Yob did something similar in early 2016, when he moved to the Virgin Islands, engaged in a legal fight with the territory’s Republican Party, in an effort to get himself and three others to the 2016 Republican National Convention (which he believed would be brokered), in order to stop Donald Trump. Here’s what one of Yob’s fellow RINO travelers said about him in a Ballotpedia profile: Yob is “extremely effective at guerrilla warfare. His company is the best manipulator of the process.” Sound familiar?

The Way Forward

While so many have used precious time, political capital, and emotional energy in this conflict, LaRouchePAC has kept its focus on the life and death issues of national policy, and on building an unstoppable political force to put Donald Trump back in the White House. At the January 13 State Committee meeting, two resolutions were motivated by State Committee member and LaRouchePAC activist Ron Kokinda. One resolution echoed LaRouche PAC’s petition, calling on Congress to stop the prosecutions of Donald Trump, and the second called for Congress to stop funding the Ukraine war. Both passed overwhelmingly.

LaRouchePAC has also issued a challenge to all “sides” in the fight, to get out of the barracks and onto the battlefield, and to join us in organizing every concentration of industrial workers in the state, with Donald Trump’s Agenda47 proposals to save auto jobs and make the U.S. a manufacturing superpower. 

That challenge still stands. As does the importance of holding your actions up against the question—who benefits from them?