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The deep emotional bond between Donald Trump and the American people is a historic factor which is rooted in features of Western republican culture known since Solon of Athens of the sixth century BC. First, that the sickness of a nation—of our nation—finds its way into every family, Solon warned, even if you run home to escape it, in will jump the hedge into your garden and pursue you into the inmost room of your house.

The second feature, which we will emphasize tonight, is that there are times in history when the fate of a nation is embodied in one single individual—however much some might to prefer to deny that. To begin to understand how this happens and what it means, we will first look back to the early days of of the fall of France in 1940 and the flight of Charles de Gaulle to London and his radio address of June 18—the seed-crystal of the rebirth of a nation—and what followed.