MAGA event at the 2023 CA GOP Convention.

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California, the “bluest of the blue states” where Joe Biden officially received 11 million votes to Trump’s 6 million in 2020, just experienced a political earthquake that was shocking and indicative of the revolutionary potential that now exists nationwide in these United States.  Cynics and professional pessimists be forewarned. The battle to retake the nation is advancing in ways previously thought impossible.

From September 29th through October 1st the California Republican Party held its state convention in Anaheim. At the last convention, held in March of this year in Sacramento, party leaders conducted what they intended as a political funeral for Donald Trump. Their intention was to “turn the page,” as many within the leadership openly described Trump as a “has-been” and  promoted Ron DeSantis and other donor-vetted Uniparty members. A Republican Party leadership which had debased the party to the role of a permanent minority “loyal opposition” to Democratic Party hegemony, now sought to remove Trump from the 2024 Presidential equation.

This weekend’s Anaheim Convention was something else entirely. On Friday more than 1500 delegates, all of whom had paid $500 or more to attend the luncheon, jammed the hall to hear Donald Trump’s address. Trump, who less than 48 hours earlier had delivered an historic speech to autoworkers in Michigan, electrified the audience as he delivered a master class in how to rescue California—economically and culturally. In particular, Trump stressed water and energy policy, including his call for desalination and bringing water “down from Canada,” a plan that was long advocated by Lyndon LaRouche. He had great fun ridiculing water-saving shower heads, saying he used one at a friend’s house in Beverly Hills, and couldn’t get enough water to wash his hair, and that now he knew why everyone in Beverly Hills smells bad. (That line was quoted on the TV news.) Trump also stressed the massive vote-fraud apparatus in California, including universal mail-in voting. The delegates were near-ecstatic, with people standing on their chairs and cheering. In contrast, the other Presidential candidates flopped miserably. Only 370 attended Vivek Ramaswamy’s speech, 350 for Ron DeSantis, and 150 for Tim Scott, despite the fact that they offered tickets at $200 or less and even resorted to giving tickets away to boost attendance.

MAGA Leadership

The outflanking of the corrupt California Uniparty and the outpouring of support for President Trump did not just “happen.” It was the product of months-long organizing by California MAGA. In the midst of a collapsing physical economy under an insane green agenda, uncontrolled inflation, nuclear war on the horizon, children being destroyed in schools, homelessness and drugs exploding, and the very idea of the American Republic under assault, California MAGA has intervened, organizing in every corner of the state to offer solutions and to build support for Donald Trump. A key component of this has been to spread the word on Trump’s Agenda 47—his nation-building proposals for his second term as President.

The three California MAGA leaders—Mindy Pechenuk, Deborah Baber, and Gerald Pechenuk—led the team of MAGA organizers at Anaheim. Together with other volunteers, they created a fighting spirit of joy and optimism which became contagious among the majority of delegates. Deborah organized a booth which was truly a work of art, with a beautiful banner, flags, and miniatures of patriotic statues, including the Pilgrim Monument and Iwo Jima, and cutouts of Washington and Trump facing each other. The table featured buttons, bumper stickers, and literature on Trump’s Agenda 47, and large reprints of the 1860 Republican Party Platform, adopted at the Republican National Convention in which Lincoln was nominated for President. That 1860 Platform begins by declaring the necessity of the party’s triumph given the national crisis, and states its principles by quoting  from the Declaration of Independence. Throughout the weekend, people were drawn to this booth nonstop, where they engaged in lively discussions, gave their business cards for further contact, and were directed to the website to sign up for the California MAGA weekly zoom meetings.

On Friday, excitement was in the air in anticipation of the Trump luncheon that day. This was his first public appearance in California since 2016. From early in the morning, people were lined up for the event. Outside, Trump supporters overflowed from the sidewalks waving banners and flags, chanting and singing, while pickup trucks and cars drove around honking with signs and flags. As stated above, Trump’s speech was very feisty and wildly received. It can be found here. That evening, Deborah and Congressional Candidate Alison Hayden came up with the idea of gathering signatures from delegates calling on the convention as a whole to endorse Trump. Accordingly, they wrote and printed a petition, and began circulating it at the booth and elsewhere, eventually gathering 400 signatures.

An Army of Citizens

The energy continued to build through the next day, culminating in a California MAGA event in the afternoon. The room was beautifully decorated, now with a large blowup of that 1860 Republican Platform and like-sized American flag banner. From the moment the doors opened people began pouring in, not stopping until every seat was taken and people were standing in all available space—300 to 400 in all. When the crowd could be quieted down, a prayer was offered by one of the activists—the prayer, with the background that it had been offered by Washington in his Circular to the States at the end of the war in 1783, replacing “I” with “we.” Then everyone sang “America the Beautiful,” and recited the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag.

Deborah then cited Donald Trump’s Agenda 47, “the shot across the bow to the globalists,” and introduced State Assembly candidate and organizer Mindy Pechenuk, who was wildly cheered. As she spoke, she received cheer after cheer at the prospect of electing Donald Trump and defeating the weaponized DOJ and FBI; sending a message to the world by taking California for Trump; and defeating the corrupt Bonta dynasty in California. She challenged people to go out and organize everyone, pointing out that she goes around in liberal Oakland wearing a Trump hat, and that we are creating a future for the nation and mankind.

Gerald reviewed the origin of the movement over the last six months, noting that it is a revolutionary movement as suggested by the images of Washington facing Trump, which was cheered, and introduced a great individual who fought with Donald Trump and was himself targeted, Attorney John Eastman. Eastman then walked up from the back of the room amid wild cheering. Eastman gave a fiery speech about how he was threatened with disbarment and prosecution after challenging an unlawful election which put an unlawful man in the White House. He said “they stole the election,” and if we don’t fight, they will do it again and again and again, until we won’t have elections and will become sheep and subjects, not citizens. He was cheered throughout. Others spoke, including a senior staffer of the Trump campaign, Clayton Henson, and Rudy Melendez, a delegate and activist from Los Angeles who had learned to do polling in response to the phony polls circulated early in the year pronouncing DeSantis as frontrunner.

The room was only reserved for one hour, and so the meeting ended amidst wild cheering, but the conversations begun continued informally during the rest of the convention.

On Sunday, the general session convened, in which the establishment party leadership attempted to control the environment with little success. A California MAGA member, Agnes Gibboney, leader of Angel Moms, introduced a motion to add to the agenda a vote for the Convention to endorse Trump. Mindy spoke twice from the floor, once on that motion and later on her resolution denouncing the two-tiered justice system and its use to attempt to crush Trump. That resolution received 53% of the vote, but needed a two-thirds majority, and only was defeated due to proxy voters. Those in the room were enthusiastically in favor. As a final slap to the establishment leadership, when Party Chair Jessica Patterson rose to give her Chairman’s report, three quarters of the room walked out.

In all, the California Republican Party base has gone on record resoundingly in favor of re-electing Donald Trump, and dealing a fatal blow to the globalists, who would destroy our economy, our borders, and our children. The patriots have set their sights on a future based on science, progress and human advancement, with liberty and justice for all.