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Great moments in history, as today, are defining. That is, they are not defined by what came before, and cannot be explained by any set of descriptions from the past. They arise as if from the future, but they are best understood as willfully emerging from the eternal, from that highest domain of principle, and from this standpoint, such great singularities, whether in history, science, music, art, or economics, provide meaning and purpose to the very course of human existence. They are, put simply, what makes us made in the image of the Creator.

The powerful uprising of a political movement based on truth, which has become so dominant today in our politics and world over, is similar to all fundamental processes in the universe. This was something the great scientist Riemann recognized, and demonstrated in various ways. One of those ways, his resolution to the Abelian functions, Lyndon LaRouche once described as the highest conception of the Creator thus far known to man. Yet, as Heraclitus, Socrates, or Plato would have understood 2500 years ago, this is how the Universe functions, and this is also how the human mind functions. This interplay, between the subjectively creative mind of human beings and the incredibly insistent creative universe, is the defining aspect of Creation itself.

We will discuss this, how this relates to real economics, and how we are entering a period where all other mechanical or practical approaches will fail to accomplish the required goal. We are facing a great crisis, and yet from such evils of the past arise the potential for even greater goods. For what reason could mankind be endowed with such creative powers, if not for moments such as this.