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The Fed and the Beltway bandits say that inflation is down and supply chain problems are solved. However, prices never came down, manufacturing is flailing, and we are running trillion-dollar trade deficits.


The Biden collective lies they have created 13 million jobs. But the reality is that 60% of Americans now live paycheck to paycheck. Our younger generations have no savings.

Where are the affordable homes for young families? Or the wage that would support a growing family? Why the massive shortage of skilled tradesmen?

This only scratches the surface of what is wrong with our economy.

Donald Trump began to reverse the decline in his first term, by challenging the core of the globalists' free trade, zero-growth policies. He has now expanded on those policies with his bold Agenda47.

Join the discussion tonight, where we will dissect the fraud of Bidenomics, what old Joe might have up his sleeve next, and how we can mobilize to put Donald Trump back in the White House and Agenda47 into action.

With LaRouchePAC's Brian Lantz and Kesha Rogers