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For months, the prevailing tactic deployed against President Trump’s Agenda 47 program has been silence. Last week, that changed. On July 14, the uber-liberal Salon magazine went into paroxysm over Trump’s anti-globalist/America First agenda with an article, headlined: “Be very afraid: Trump’s “Agenda 47” is no joke; You should be very afraid of Trump’s fascist Agenda 47 plan.” Salon Senior Writer Chauncey DeVega, admits that previously, “the American mainstream media and political class have responded to Trump's Agenda 47 and its earlier iterations with…indifference.”  What he did not say is the simple fact that the policy and economic reconstruction program of the leading American presidential candidate has been deliberately censored and shadow banned, a political control strategy commonly called “containment.”

During those same months of silence, LaRouchePAC was almost alone in recognizing the importance of Agenda 47 for President Trump’s re-election and building support for it within the MAGA movement and beyond.  Our podcasts, leaflets and, most importantly, Zoom discussions with MAGA leaders and activists in California, Michigan, Texas, Washington State, Arizona, South Carolina and many other states, are beginning to create an organized force behind Agenda 47, which is shaking up the elites.  Now, the globalist elites who see the defeat of Trump as existentially necessary to their continued existence, realize that containment is no longer working.

The Salon piece has a certain “hair-on-fire” quality, asking, “Why have the mainstream news media, commentariot, pundits, and responsible political class, failed, for the most part, to correctly assess and respond to Trump's fascist-authoritarian Agenda 47, and the Trumpocene and America neofascism, more generally? …At its core, fascism is a movement and political project that is based on big ideas, a grand vision, and passionate emotions. To not understand those dimensions of fascism means that one is not able to defeat it.”  Forget for the moment that DeVega is effectively calling Lincoln, Franklin Roosevelt, and John F. Kennedy fascist because of their big ideas and grand vision and admitting that the politically correct perspective for him is that of a bureaucrat: small-minded, and lacking both vision and passion. 

DeVega turns to Paul Mason, author of the book "How to Stop Fascism: History, Ideology, Resistance" in his effort to define fascism but Mason lets it out that Trump’s policies are, in reality, anti-fascist. “The key difference between Agenda 47 and the original Trump pitch in 2016 is its total lack of focus on corporate, capitalist goals, and its total focus on fulfilling right-wing populist fantasies…The good news is, it's a signal of how detached Trump is even from the libertarian-turned-fascist wing of the American tech elite.” So, Trump’s rejection of “corporate, capitalist goals” (i.e, Mussolini-style fascism, of which Bidenomics is a prime example) and rejection of the “fascist wing of the American tech elite” is what makes Agenda 47 fascist? What both DeVega and Mason are doing is peddling the well-worn Frankfurt School mantra that all nationalism is fascist and all actions taken on the basis of principle are authoritarian. 

The MotherShip: The Economist

The day before the Salon screed came out, the higher levels of the Anglo-American establishment, signaled that it was time to get serious about Donald Trump’s plans as the 47th President of the United States. The Economist, a leading mouthpiece for the City of London and the imperial elite, carried two different articles warning that Trump seems to be on his way to a 2024 victory and that he will enact policies which were once considered “outlandish,” such as rebuilding our economy and ending the endless wars. While the Economist authors don’t identify Agenda 47 by name, they make clear that they understand the nature of content of those policies, especially his America First economic policies.

But the bulk of the two articles, “The meticulous, ruthless preparations for a second Trump term,” and “How MAGA Republicans plan to make Donald Trump’s second term count,” focus on an aspect of Trump’s plans which are just as important as his policy intentions, namely his commitment to dismantle the administrative state, sometimes called the (unconstitutional) Fourth Branch of government. This administrative state is where the Deep State lives and has been around a lot longer than the term “Deep State.” President Trump has made clear that he will use what is known as “Schedule F” and other Presidential powers to clean out the bureaucracy and  get control of the government “for the people.” 

The Economist knows what that means. One article warns: “The initial objective for this invading force is to capture the civil service. One lesson that Mr Trump’s backers drew from his first term is that no policy matters more than control of the bureaucracy, because no policies can be implemented without it. To that end Mr Trump’s commandos will ‘deconstruct’ the administrative state.’” The second continues, “ In victory, a team of practiced demolition experts would prime their explosive ideas. The deconstruction of the administrative state could begin. The vain and tyrannical whims of an emperor-president would emerge from the rubble.” (emphasis added)

As LaRouchePAC has documented in numerous articles, the (unconstitutional) administrative state began to take shape under the Presidency of Woodrow Wilson, under whose administration the (unconstitutional) Federal Reserve was also enacted. Decades earlier the Anglophile Wilson wrote of his hatred of the American System of economy and his disdain for our Constitution. 

President Trump’s Agenda 47 threatens to take down policies and structures which the Anglo-American elites have had in place for a long time. And, yes, they should be very afraid.