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It was 33 years ago when the Berlin Wall fell and the Soviet system shattered. At that time, Bush 41 pledged a new world order. That system of globalism, forever wars, and never-ending bailouts has now likely found its end in Ukraine's fascist perverted clown Zelensky.

Is this why Biden's crime family is now hitting the news? Is Joe unsalvageable and yet irreplaceable, with the likes of Kamala, Buttigeig, and gruesome Newsom all that neo-liberalism has produced?

The CIA had no plans for a post-Soviet world, and now once again, no one in Washington has a clue what to do if this system follows suit—and that could happen at any turn.

Trump sees it too, and is preparing what forces he can to bring in a new system.

With globalism, NATO, the EU, and all the cultural insanity that goes with the last 30 years now on the ropes, it's time to crush the Bush legacy, which includes the Clintons, Obama, McConnell and Biden, as well as their uncharismatic protégé DeSanctimonius.