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Speculation about COVID's origin is now whirling around the planet, and "lockdown salesmen" like Anthony Fauci and the main stream media are finally getting the scrutiny they deserve. But, one thing is left untouched. Who really is frogman Peter Daszak, the founder of EcoHealth Alliance which helped fund "gain of function" research on bats in Wuhan?

Daszak is reported to be the "American" covering up for the Wuhan lab.

News flash: He's no American, although he has received massive funding, from Fauci (through NIH and NIAID), and from the Pentagon—up to $40 million over 10 years.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Daszak's role points to a masquerade of false stories and lies, all of which have one common goal—to control and manipulate a fear-ridden population. 

See also, from Michael Steger, "The Fanatical Frogman Who Stunk Up WHO's China COVID Investigation."