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The fight to secure President Trump’s second term and to stop the emplacement of a Biden-Harris globalist-run satrapy into the U.S. Presidency is but an extension of the centuries-long battle between the British Empire and our Constitutional Republic. President Trump has been under attack by a foreign oligarchy, presently centered in the modern British Empire, with financial headquarters in the City of London and Wall Street, and with a political “sub-headquarters” in what has become known as the “swamp” or “deep state.”

This is not the first time this has happened, yet few Americans understanding the continuity of this battle, or understand which of our Presidents, such as John Quincy Adams, Abraham Lincoln, William McKinley and Franklin Roosevelt, threatened the British Empire because of their knowledge and use of the American System of Political Economy. This has left Americans vulnerable to false narratives and misdirection.

In 2008, Lyndon LaRouche commissioned a feature length video to address the “True History of the United States.” Here we offer you a critical excerpt of that video.

Watch the full documentary: “1932: A True History of the United States.”