President Trump addresses his supporters Tuesday evening.

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President Trump stormed to victory across all the Super Tuesday states, except for Ben and Jerry’s Vermont, home of our loopy fascist President’s favorite ice cream brand and various socialist experiments including Senator Bernie Sanders. Nikki Haley, a/k/a Birdbrain announced the end of her campaign Wednesday but refused to endorse Trump. She said that Trump would have to win the support of her voters to earn her endorsement.

This is hardly a likely prospect. Many of her supporters are dyed in the wool Jacobin Democrats, “Resist” veterans who voted for her to subvert Trump. They also include a significant gaggle of Wall Street hedge fund operatives, national Chamber of Commerce types, arms merchants and defense contractors who love Haley’s devotion to forever wars, Trump deranged mental cases from Washington, D.C., and elsewhere, and wannabees aspiring to join one of these categories of Nikki Haley enthusiasts. These people will never support working Americans or Donald Trump. The working and middle classes across all racial lines voted for Trump, knowing that fact and knowing that it stems from the derision the current Democratic Party holds for people who produce things and power the real economy. College towns constituting the miseducated aspiring elites, Washington, D.C., and Vermont were the only places where Haley won in her entire campaign. She burned through $110 million to obtain those “victories.”

Exemplary of the changing Republican Party, Tuesday’s election saw the defeat of the Bush machine, still the premier RINO organization in the country, on its home turf in Texas. Ken Paxton, a loyal Trump supporter and Attorney General was targeted for extinction by the Bush machine through impeachment and rigged criminal proceedings. In his Senate impeachment trial, Tony Buzbee, Paxton’s defense attorney named the terms of battle: it was the Bush family and political machine in the Texas legislature and judiciary against Ken Paxton and MAGA conservatives. Paxton was acquitted.

Ahead of Tuesday’s Texas primary, Paxton set out to primary the Republican legislators who attacked him and three judges on the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals who, in 2021, denied the Attorney General the power to investigate or prosecute election fraud. In addition, Governor Greg Abbott targeted legislators opposing his plans for school vouchers and state funded private education. Between Paxton and Abbott, 17 sitting state legislators lost their seats or were forced into runoffs, with three races too close to call as of Wednesday morning. The Bush defeats included the key Bush hitman against Paxton, Speaker of the House, Dade Phelan. Phelan was forced into a runoff and trailed his opponent Dave Covey by three points with neither achieving the necessary 50% of the vote required to win outright.

With the Republican nomination secured, we still have a hard road ahead of us. Trump remains under relentless lawfare attack with civil judgements set up deliberately to strip him of his wealth. This is designed to both prevent him from funding his campaign and movement and to prevent him from having a capable defense in his criminal cases. The senile Mussolini, Joe Biden, has amassed a huge war chest, more than triple the size of anything the Trump Campaign or the Republican Party currently have combined. While setting up a vote stealing operation modeled on what they did in 2020, the regime will use Thursday’s State of the Union address to literally buy votes from a financially besieged and stressed population through government handouts. Huge sums are also being deployed to win the Congress for Democrats and Republicans who don’t support Trump (RINOS) or those who claim to support him but who hold policy positions directly at odds with President Trump (TRINOS). If Trump wins, they want to block his agenda. Democratic insurrectionists like Rep. Jamie Raskin (D. Md) are stating outright that if the Democrats take the House, they will refuse to certify Trump’s election.

Then you have the economic and cultural shock potential emerging from this Administration’s sponsored wars. While patriotic Americans have temporarily stalled the proxy war funding of Ukraine in the House of Representatives, recent leaked tapes of discussions between German generals confirm that Americans are on the ground in Ukraine directly fighting the war against Russia as technical aides to the Ukrainians. So too are the French and the British, which is, of course, a Russian redline. Just imagine if some Americans end up being targeted and killed. Similarly, in the expanding wars in the Middle East, America’s deployed troops in the area are sitting ducks. So, too are the world’s oil supplies.

Allistair Crooke in a recent analysis cited the hidden economic causes behind the open discussions in Europe about going directly to war with Russia in Ukraine. Europe knows that this talk is all nonsense and puts the world on a course toward World War III.  But Europe is flat broke. The Central Banks are underwater. A war with Russia is promoted as a funding and taxing mechanism just like the idiots in Washington tell people that killing off the entire population of Ukraine in a futile war and mass suicide and risking the nuclear extinction of humanity is producing “jobs, jobs, jobs” based on weapons production here in the United States.

Despite this, Wednesday dawned somehow fresh, clear, and new in the United States. We have entered a new phase of the battle for our country which we are winning against all odds. Bringing about a true unity of the American people has nothing to do with Nikki Haley or the hand-wringing moderates and “centrists” who hew to the “rules” of a country which is dying because of blind adherence to the very same “rules.”  They stay within their defined boundaries, unable to chart a future or create one, because they are cowards, both intellectually and morally.

Donald Trump is not like that. Prometheans are not like that. Promethean Action is about charting a bold course for the future which will create a new scientific and technological renaissance in this country, beyond anything we presently imagine. We will become a manufacturing and economic superpower once again. More importantly, our best talents will be organized and tested in great projects: building new and beautiful cities --remodeling the old and creating entirely new ones-- harnessing our water systems and greening our deserts and farmlands once again, building a defense against nuclear missiles, building new transportation infrastructure and power systems, exploring and colonizing the Moon and Mars. It is only by tapping the divine which exists in humans that you find the ability to overcome what divides us. It is only by challenging them with the truth of the horrible reality we now experience and showing the way forward that you can claim the mantle of truth.

Donald Trump understands this. That is his appeal.  True to form, the propagandists of the mainstream media panned Trump’s speech from Mar-a-Lago on Tuesday night, which emphasized the horrors emergent from Biden’s open border.  Most censored it.  Others called it “glum” and a litany of inappropriate complaint.  It was not appropriately celebratory or optimistic, they said.  They were wrong yet again.  It was his continued description of the grave nature of the fight we are in for this nation’s survival and his determination to win that fight.