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Isn’t the script always the same? The atrocities of war, a condition which always leads to depraved actions. No question, Hamas, a branch of the British created Muslim Brotherhood, are depraved terrorists. Also, no question, the fanatical setters’ movement in Israel wants a second “Nakba,” the purging of all Palestinians from Israel and, during the Biden Administration, has been unchecked in seeking that. As a lifeguard you learn, the drowning will kill you even as you try to save them. Disable them, then drag them to safety. So, it always starts this way in the modern art of full spectrum information warfare, with the atrocities, very real atrocities and fake atrocities, the fog of war.

The ideological warriors are at work again. Now they can repeat the script of the atrocities. Those who love human beings will be paralyzed psychologically. Of course, the Hamas terrorists who did this must be held to account. The immediate idea which strikes you is that rather than a single suicide attack by a terrorist, the suicide attack by Hamas here could trigger a world war. Descriptions of all Palestinians as collectively guilty and as animals, deserving of complete annihilation is also the script for an expanding world war. War crime will be piled on war crime as other nations in the area will be swept up in the need to respond. Very good people, like Charlie Kirk, still exhibit the false view of history which emanated from 9/11, the description of all Muslims as barbarians rather than recognizing that the Salafism cult is the enemy of Islam and a British intelligence created cult.

As you are blanketed with the demand to” choose sides” in all of this, reflect. What do you really know about the history of this area of the world, the cockpit of war over centuries? The great crossroads of the world geographically? The home to the world’s three great religions? How does this emergent war threat relate to our now open border and a politically blind FBI focused on destroying more than half the U.S. population –the MAGA “deplorables” --rather than rounding up the terrorists who have come here as the result of Biden’s corrupt compromises and senility?

In modern times, the modern British financial imperium has endlessly stirred the pot of permanent warfare in the region in which they come out on top. They have created extremist religious terrorist cults in both the Jewish and Arab world which attack any and all efforts at peace and development. This allows them to control the riches, chiefly oil, which lie beneath the ground of the states in the Middle East, states which have no natural boundaries, just the artificial colonial boundaries created by the Sykes-Picot agreement in 1916 and subsequent local and world wars. Just read Bernard Lewis, Samuel Huntington, or Zbigniew Brzezinski, or any of the other permanent religious warfare authors of the George W. Bush/Tony Blair war in Iraq and the carnage and pillage which resulted. How about 9/11 and the Salafist Muslim terror groups created as a matter of convenience by Brzezinski in Afghanistan in the belief that that war would bleed Russia to death. Brzezinski lives on in U.S. foreign policy—his instruments in Al-Qaeda are mostly dead. It is his anti-human crap now emanating from Lindsey Graham, Tom Cotton, and the other Republican neo-Cons allied with rabid permanent warfare Democrats urging immediate war with Iran.

The modern British financial imperium has controlled U.S. foreign policy since 1945, with the brief interruption and fight for power which occurred in the aborted Kennedy Administration and the first Trump Administration. That control is not exerted by military force, the way most people view power. It is exerted through intellectual hegemony, through the power of ideas and the construction of dead end bestial ideological movements and cults. In “UK Foreign Policy in a Shifting World Order,” authored by the House of Lords in 2018, they declared that Donald Trump must never come to power again. They started the war against Trump in 2015. Congressional testimony from then CIA Director John Brennan said that the British called for Trump’s head starting then lest the “special relationship” end. It is no accident that Christopher Steele who wrote the fake dirty Trump dossier formerly chaired MI6’s Russia desk. It is no accident that many of the covert operations against the Trump campaign sanctioned by EO 12333 took place on British soil using British agents.

Trump tried a fresh approach to this conflict through the Abraham Accords. He warns now that we are both closer than ever to World War III and that if he had had a second term, even Iran would have come to the peace table. It seemed, even recently, like Trump’s effort would bear fruit with Iran and Saudi Arabia undergoing a reproachment. They exchanged ambassadors for the first time in decades on September 23rd after years of proxy warfare. Saudi Arabia was prepared, in turn, to recognize Israel. Implicit in these arrangements would have been a consolidated effort to deal with the historical wound of Palestine, chiefly through economic development.

Now, like the Oslo Accords, the Abraham accords have been blown to bits by terrorists under the control of British hybrid warriors. Haaretz, the liberal Israeli newspaper, in an October 8th editorial placed the blame for the now open warfare on Netanyahu’s recent ethnic cleansing of Palestinians as the result of political pressure from the extremists in the settlers’ movement. That movement has medieval religious cults within it created by British intelligence. Anwar Sadat, the first Arab peacemaker with Israel, was assassinated by a Muslim Brotherhood terrorist. The Muslim Brotherhood and its subcult Hamas also embrace primitive doctrines drawn from the darkest of the Middle Ages. Yitzhak Rabin, the courageous leader of the Oslo Accords was assassinated by a rabid Jewish settler fulfilling the mandate of religious fanatics on the Israeli side acting pursuant to an ideology invented in London. 

Lyndon LaRouche, in this video above from 2009, warned that peace could not be brought to this area unless you destroyed the modern British financial empire while undertaking a vast program of economic development.  Study this video and think about its implications.

Now, the United States itself is undergoing a revolution and a Trump second term, coupled with the huge economic development policies embodied in Trump’s Agenda 47, can restore the spirit of the American revolution, the City on the Hill, whose denizens do not go abroad seeking monsters to destroy. Rather, we lead by example. War is the reflex resort of the modern oligarchical regime, now desperately seeking to avoid defeat. It is they, rather than their millions of victims, who should be recognized as anti-human. It is they who must be finally defeated.