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Our latest updates:

(December 28, 2023) A Police Dossier: It is the British Who Murder Our Presidents

(December 22, 2023) Michael Luttig is Not a Conservative; He's a Legal Hitman

(December 20, 2023) Colorado Trump Ruling: Desperate, Paranoid Fascist Attempt to Cancel Presidential Election

(December 18. 2023) The Week Patriots Took the Offensive

(December 7, 2023) Desperate Anglo-Fascists Issue Assassination Threat

(November 4, 2023) Lawfare Terrorists Continue Their Trump Offensive

(October 18, 2023) Trump is Gagged: Judge UpChuck Chucks Up

(October 6, 2023) Exposed: The FBI Gestapo is Now Targeting All Trump Supporters

(September 27, 2023) The New York Decision—Now Let's Bankrupt Him and Tape His Mouth Shut

(September 10, 2023) The Injustice Department on Steroids, Not Our First Rodeo

(September 1, 2023) Act Now, Before Sept. 12, to Impeach Merrick Garland, Not the Village Idiot, Joe Biden

(August 17, 2023) Growing Consensus—To Stop Prosecutions of Trump: Defund Department of Justice and Impeach Garland

(August 14, 2023) Atlanta Trump Indictment—An Out of Control Clown Car

(August 13, 2023) The Implications of What Steve Sund Told Tucker: J6 Was a Coup Against Trump

(August 8, 2023) Petition Creates New York Times Freakout; Is Obama the President?

(August 1, 2023) Bullshit! Trump Indicted for Third Time; Unprecedented Assault on First Amendment

(July 19, 2023) Of Grand Inquisitors and Drag Queen Afficionados — Michigan Trump Electors Indicted 

(July 18, 2023) The Anglo-Dutch Oligarchs Flip Out: Trump Notified of Third Indictment 

(July 7, 2023) The Deeper Implications of This Week’s Rescue of the First Amendment 

(June 23, 2023) Durham House Testimony: Bill Barr’s Treason Shows Itself 

(June 12, 2023) LaRouche PAC Statement: We the People Stand with Donald Trump

(June 10, 2023) Rogue DOJ Rampage — First Trump Fed Indictment 

(June 1, 2023) Time For MAGA To Get Real — Only Then Can This War Be Won