A note to readers: this is an old post on the archive website for Promethean PAC. It was written when we were known as LaRouche PAC, before changing our name to Promethean PAC in April 2024. You can find the latest daily news and updates on www.PrometheanAction.com. Additionally, Promethean PAC has a new website at www.PrometheanPAC.com.

Six weeks ago we said we had to shift the entire battlefield by the end of September, and wow, has it changed! The stage is now set to consolidate our efforts and advance the fight.

Our top priority is ending the Department of Injustice prosecutions of President Trump. Rep. Matt Gaetz’ fight inside the House Republican Caucus holds open the door to do that. He will be calling on Kevin McCarthy to vacate the Speaker's chair and he's daring McCarthy and the Democrats to publicly announce an unholy marriage.

This may get messy, but at core, this is a question of ending an illegal government attack on our Constitution, not merely on a bloated federal budget. We must ensure that all the guns are pointed at the main enemy, because this is going to move quickly.

Add to this, Trump's dramatic appearances in Michigan and California. His speech to the UAW in Michigan made clear that this is a fight for national policy, and the word on the factory floor is that his speech made a huge difference with the rank and file!

With his triumph in California, Trump drove another nail into the coffin of this absurd GOP primary circus. Six weeks ago, we said: shut it down, and unleash Trump for the general election. We're not there yet, but our efforts are making the difference. It’s time to double down.