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“For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” Ephesians 6:12

On Thursday, September 1st the pretend President of the United States, Joe Biden gave a desperate speech which looked and felt like Satan had choreographed it himself. Many commented on the “hell-scape set” for the speech given at Independence Hall in Philadelphia. It was now bathed in blood-red lighting, as Biden, looking like some escaped mental patient from the lower depths, yelled at his teleprompter and waved his arms, condemning “Donald Trump and the MAGA Republicans,” as a “threat to democracy,” “a clear and present danger.”

This wild, incendiary McCarthyite rhetoric was clearly intended to justify continued lawless violence and wholesale suppression against Trump supporters and Donald Trump himself. Many wondered aloud whether it was intended to provoke a violent response. Anyone seeking to separate, as “issues,” this speech from the outrageous and unconstitutional raid on Mar-a-Lago and the threat of imminent criminal prosecution of Donald J. Trump himself, is fatally deluded. Two Marines in dress blues were placed as props behind Biden, as if to reenforce the very political point.

The immediate revulsion produced by Biden’s words was also accompanied, creepily, by the comic. The scene was so overwrought that you almost expected Boris Karloff’s Frankenstein, or a similar horror show monster to burst on the stage at any moment. As comedian Greg Gutfeld characterized it, it was like “Darth Vader in Depends.” #PedoHitler and #Pedofascist were top trends on Twitter. The senile Biden concluded his confrontation with his teleprompter with a blank stare, and then shook hands with the imaginary friend he now shakes hands with at the end of every presentation before wandering offstage.

The speech provoked such a massive backlash, particularly among the independents who will determine the midterm elections, that Biden was already trying to walk it back by Friday morning. By Friday, only certain “elements” of MAGA were enemies of the state because of their thought crimes: those who “support” or advocate violence, (like the January 6th defendants), deny that Biden legitimately won the November 2020 presidential election, or seek to change the way votes are counted in elections. The backdown was like Merrick Garland’s attempt to back away from last Fall’s targeting of concerned parents as domestic terrorists—we did not really mean what we otherwise clearly said.

The “threat to democracy” diatribe is obviously intended to supersede, in the minds of the Biden collective’s labile supporters, the death counts which continue to mount astronomically every day, right in front of them, as the result of Biden policies. Three hundred Americans are dying now every day from Fentanyl poisoning; multinational criminal cartels control a deadly slave trade in which millions enter through the open southern border; raging inflation in food, housing, and other areas essential to survival is resulting in escalating deaths by despair and psychosis; major city streets are unsafe to walk, as crime runs rampant with violent criminals immediately freed again and again after arrest, and unsupported police resign from the job en masse; life expectancy has dropped by two years during Biden’s time in office; and child literacy declined horrifically because of COVID lockdowns, particularly striking minority children.  The economy will continue to collapse on itself, as the energy restrictions inherent in Biden’s dedication to the Green New Deal become evident in power outages, water shortages, and rationing of other vital elements of life.

The symptoms of societal decay catalogued above result from the collapse of the Fed’s fragile bubble economy, built since the system’s collapse in 2007-2008. The Green New Deal was the financial oligarchy’s effort to inflate their way out of that collapse, consolidate their control of land and vital resources, and drastically reduce population to the “carrying capacity” they chose to support. This utopian scheme, however, didn’t and could never work, and is now imploding. At the same time, billions of dollars continue to flow to a provoked proxy war against Russia in Ukraine. Another $14 billion is now demanded to bailout the Ukrainian government; the original $40 billion is exhausted. The globalist Green New Deal coupled with sanctions on Russia have brought European economies to their knees because of energy shortages—economic conditions which will only worsen into depression as winter dawns, further feeding deteriorating economic conditions here. That is said without counting the thousands of Ukrainian and Russian lives lost and the millions displaced, all in pursuit of the globalist mantra of “democracy,” something our republican founders accurately saw as the badge of tyranny.

Any attention to reality spells doom for the Democrats and their corporativist globalist agenda in November’s midterm elections, if the population turns out to vote and acts to protect the vote--and does so with a singular determination to radically clean house and hold those they elect accountable.

The White House press flacks “backgrounded” Thursday’s speech by claiming that Biden had received inputs from a bunch of politicized progressive historians who compared the present “peril to democracy” to the period leading up to the Civil War. It was part of regular brain rinses by “experts” on foreign policy and other matters essential to controlling the present White House occupant. Even the Washington Post couldn’t help but mention that the day the “historians” met with Biden to concoct this evil midterm campaign strategy, they heard a thunderclap in the middle of the meeting which turned out to be the lightning strike which killed three people in Lafayette Park, immediately adjacent to the White House.

The New York Times on Saturday confirmed that the speech was a desperate ploy to save the midterms concocted by John Podesta and Anita Dunn. Both were heavily involved in the January 6th propaganda hearings which landed with a dud. According to the Times, “Democratic strategists have spent months quietly amassing research on how to brand the Republican Party as extremist during an election cycle when Mr. Trump is not on the ballot.”  Podesta formally joined the White House collective on Friday, tasked with spreading newly available Green New Deal money to Democratic constituencies which can produce a vote.

In Florida, arguments were heard by U.S. District Judge Aileen Cannon on Thursday concerning the appointment of a special master to review the documents seized in the raid at Mar-a-Lago. She states she will issue a written opinion “in due course.”  Based on the initial impressions gleaned from the Judge’s prior statements and the oral argument, Cannon will appoint a special master to review the documents with respect to both claims of Attorney-Client and Executive privilege made by Trump. She also floated the idea of letting a national security damage assessment led by DNI Avril Haines proceed, while pausing the DOJ criminal investigation of President Trump for the special master review.

Lee Smith, who collaborated with former Congressman Devin Nunes and his investigator Kash Patel in chronicling their exposure and destruction of the criminal Russiagate hoax and ongoing coup against Donald Trump, makes an interesting case to the effect that the Mar-a-Lago dispute is a game of chicken between Donald Trump and the National Security State. Patel told Breitbart News that President Trump had declassified “information that Trump felt spoke to matters regarding everything from Russiagate to the Ukraine impeachment fiasco to major national security matters of great public importance,” including “anything the president felt the American people had a right to know . . .”  By Smith’s account, the DOJ escalated its actions almost immediately after Patel’s Breitbart interview, fearing that Trump had stashed evidence of the major illegalities which could bring down the National Security State, at Mar-a-Lago or elsewhere. 

What is missed in Smith’s analysis is the sheer trickery and evil legal scheming involved in the DOJ’s setup of President Trump. He has been the target of a sophisticated scheme which began, in all probability, during the hectic days in January when his possessions began to be packed by the GSA and his staff and moved to Mar-a-Lago. At each stage of the drama, DOJ fed the press leaks about its “investigation” to see how Trump would respond. Thus, their case now does not rely on illicit possession of classified information, because Trump said he had already declassified everything, and there are huge problems making a classification case against the President, who is the classifier in chief. Margot Cleveland ably outlines the steps by DOJ’s inquisitors over at the Federalist. 

Once Trump complied with the National Archives request to provide missing records, both a Congressional investigation and a DOJ criminal investigation and Grand Jury were convened, criminalizing a Presidential Records Act document dispute. Once the Grand Jury was convened, the DOJ began to investigate and pressure everyone potentially involved with the documents at Mar-a-Lago, in order to create witnesses against Trump. The process crime of “obstruction,” based on the Sarbanes-Oxley obstruction statute now appears to be their ultimate charge. It lowers the burden of proof. Whether the DOJ proceeds with this mickey mouse fabrication against the former President, however, is a political matter. It will be based on their evaluation as to whether the popular response will result in Trump assuming the presidency in 2024.

In the surveillance state regime put into place after September 11, 2001, and super-weaponized by Barack Obama and Eric Holder, classification and censorship are the coins of the realm, just as they were for the Stasi, although both classification and censorship are now digitized and semi-privatized, and the population is being trained, through social media addiction, to report and profile itself.  This is also how the regime hides its crimes while endlessly promoting incendiary false narratives like so much political pornography. That is why Attorney General Bill Barr and other natives of this regime rebelled against Trump when he ordered declassification of “anything the president felt the American people had a right to know and more,” and continue their treachery now.

In a 2006 article titled, "Who is Behind World War III?", Lyndon LaRouche issued a strategic assessment of the battlefield which rings true even today.  The scheme LaRouche warned about is still in operation. It has not succeeded because of popular resistance coupled with elite decadence and incompetence. And the solution to defeating them is the same—the “deplorables” school themselves, become competent to govern, take power, and launch a new industrial and scientific revolution here, sweeping “aside the kind of policies which have led the U.S.A. and western and central Europe into their careening state of ruin today.”  Here are relevant some excerpts from that piece:

“As everyone who is not either locked away, or mentally short-handed, knows, the current drift in world policy has been toward what is called ‘globalization,’ a scheme otherwise known as ‘The World Trade Organization.’ The stated purpose, and effect of these schemes is to drive down the per-capita income of virtually every part of the world, except the personally-worthless-but-super-rich backers of the intellectually challenged President George W. Bush, Jr., and their likenesses. This goal is supposed to be brought about, by destroying investments in capital-intensive modes of scientific and technological progress in agriculture and industry and shifting production to virtual slave-labor regions. This, already, is exactly what has been done to ruin the U.S.A. and the lower eighty percentile of its family households, since the radical changes made during 1971-1981, by the combination of a floating-exchange-rate system and the savage deregulation launched under the Trilateral Commission. . .

Know Our Nation's Enemy!

“Go back to the time the Reverend Martin Luther King came to Selma, Alabama. It was not the relevant middle class of the community which welcomed Martin; they tended to shun him. It was the children and the ‘have-nothings’ who were the foundation of the social force which gathered so much of the nation around Martin's great, emerging leadership, here and abroad. It is not the upper twenty-percentile of the population which will fight for our nation today, except as their ox has first been gored, as the ‘middle class’ segment of the auto workers' unions have been gored just recently. It is the lower eighty percentile of our family-income brackets, which are the mass constituency—the present situation's ‘forgotten man’—on which the political honor of our republic depends in this time of an onrushing, global general breakdown-crisis, as in the roughly comparable situation of the 1932 Franklin Roosevelt Presidential campaign,

“In this situation, ‘single issues’ are merely so much diversionary political garbage, fit only for the consumption of ‘Rove-ing’ idiots. Either we force the adoption of the needed changes in law, or our republic is doomed in the near future. As we should be reminded by the wicked carnival of the legislative process now, without a government of the people which forces the legislative process and executive to submit again to the kinds of recovery policies which President Franklin Roosevelt's Administration most nearly typifies in recent memory, there will be soon no United States Federal Republic, but, at most, a caricature of what was in times past. . .

“The enemy of the U.S. today, is the enemy of global civilization. Despite all shortfalls, and backsliding, the U.S. republic represents today the highest level of quality of design of a true republic, a republic largely, if not entirely, freed from those oligarchical traditions of the vastly inferior form of typical European government: a relatively impotent, parliamentary system submitting to supervision by a so-called independent central banking system. ...

“The enemy is not only the fabulous incompetence characteristic of the current U.S. Bush Administration. The enemy is a feral monster, only typified by Felix Rohatyn and his predecessors of the pro-Nazi Lazard Frères and Banque Worms of the relevant past.

“This enemy is not prepared to accept a general, rapid chain-reaction collapse of the world's monetary systems. It is their intention, and currently ongoing practice, as in the instance of the monstrous negligence of the U.S. Congress in the Delphi case, to bring about a general breakdown-crisis of the world system; but, their intention is also to foreclose on that ruined system, by means of their present process of gobbling raw materials and production capabilities, to create a new world monetary system with stark resemblances to the medieval alliance between Venice's financier-oligarchy and the crusading Norman chivalry. That threat, is the enemy which civilized nations must unite to defeat, and to crush out of existence.”