Left: Ruptert Murdoch (photo: Monika Flueckiger, World Economic Forum / CC BY-SA 2.0) Right: Tucker Carlson (photo: Gage Skidmore / CC BY-SA 2.0)

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This week was full of battles in the war for the country. Unfortunately, because of the mass censorship industrial complex, most patriots only see this in terms of shadows on the wall of Plato’s famous cave. We hope to accurately report the state of the war now every Friday/Saturday. Where we do not have unique insight, we’ll refer you to people who we find valuable. So, pay attention to the links.

This week we will put in short context Tucker Carlson’s firing by the Murdochs, and the present state of the 2024 presidential race, placing both in the context of a failing war in Ukraine, a cratering economy, and the flight of most of the world’s population away from the United States. The latter strategic backdrop is what Washington and London must hide from their populations at all costs. We’ll end with a report on the absurd case of E. Jean Carroll vs Donald Trump now playing out in Manhattan’s federal court.

At 30,000 feet, you can see and taste the path to victory. The impediments are not material. The patriots who are awake vastly outnumber the overt satanists who would destroy us. Only fear and the intellectual smallness of thinking like underlings stand in our way. Donald Trump understands this when he emphasizes that our internal enemies are far more dangerous than any foreign nation.

The Carlson Firing and the Battle for the Mind

Rupert Murdoch (the official heir to the King of British imperial propaganda, Lord Beaverbrook), whose Fox News is now owned 15% by BlackRock and heavily influenced by Paul Ryan who sits on its board, summarily fired Tucker Carlson on Monday. Murdoch’s move followed a years’ long Democratic Party demand to fire or censor Carlson led by the Security State’s most servile Senator, Chuck Schumer. By Wednesday, more than 60% of Fox’s audience for the 8 pm prime time spot had fled, and massive protest dominated social media. Fox also fired Dan Bongino, similarly uncontrolled, and with a huge audience of young people.

Tucker Carlson spent his time in deep exposes of our National Security State centered on the elites’ war against Donald Trump in all of its implications: censorship; information war against the population; the exploitation of a pandemic against both the population and a sitting President; destruction of the First Amendment, equal justice under the law, and the turning of the law into an instrument of war; rigged elections; the Uniparty and its war and genocide machine now operating in Ukraine; the subversion of the ability to explore or articulate truth itself and consequent spiritual madness and darkness.

He serves a vital function in providing an intellectual foundation for a population in full revolt but lacking the palette of culture and ideas by which to win the fight and staff a government. He does this at a time when all conservative intellectuals reside in a reactionary past. Carlson and Donald Trump were building a new patriotic nationalist formation crossing all party lines. Thus, they represent a clear and present danger to the regime and the regime panicked.

Despite the full weight of the now corporativist state mobilized against him, Trump continues to surge in the polls. He is at 62% in the Republican field while Ron DeSantis has crashed to 16%  Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.’s newly announced Democratic Primary challenge to Joe Biden is now subject to the same type of elite panic and censorship. Despite this, RFK, Jr. is now at 21% against Joe Biden and surging.

On Wednesday night, Carlson took to twitter, and took the high ground against the enemy. He noted that the entire media “debate” on issues was absurd and irrelevant, the product of a consensus between billionaire donors and the politicians they control as to what benefits them. The big issues, the ones that control the future, like war, the destruction of civil liberties, evolving science, corporate power, and natural resources are not open to public debate. Since this consensus does not reflect reality and is brain-dead, Carlson argues, it cannot last and will not triumph. They know this, which is why “they are hysterical and resorting to force.” When honest people speak the truth, calmly and without embarrassment, Carlson noted, they become powerful, and the people who are trying to silence them shrink and become weak. He said, that is “the iron law of the universe.” He promised he would see his supporters soon. By Friday, Carlson’s video had 76.6 million views on Twitter.

Two Presidential Campaigns

On Thursday, Donald Trump returned triumphantly to campaign in New Hampshire. His speech there focused on the destruction wrought by the Biden Administration throughout the nation and the world, and policies he would implement in his second term. It included his now stock statements about how Biden has brought us to the edge of World War III, sent the nation into a spiraling decline with open borders, rampant drug trafficking, homelessness and mental illness, and an economy which punishes the middle and working classes. Most importantly, we thought, his economic message sharply focused on how Biden’s globalist Green energy agenda has resulted in our present massive national inflation and in New Hampshire having the highest electrical costs of any state in the nation. The accompanying regulatory regime makes it impossible to build anything outside Green diktats.

When Biden dismantled the advanced energy production which drives all aspects of the economy, he created the present inflation crisis, Trump emphasized. He promised to build a new natural gas pipeline into New England, fostering New Hampshire as a renewed manufacturing and industrial powerhouse.

Otherwise, he reiterated his plan to get the homeless off the streets by institutionalizing them, treating their drug addictions and mental illnesses, and providing the type of training which could lead to employment. He reiterated that he would stop the flow of illicit drugs, close the border, and re-establish the tariff policies which allow American industries to compete with those in foreign countries. He noted, emphatically, that the prosperity of the entire world depends on a strong United States.

By stark contrast, on Tuesday, the Great Crooked and Addled Destroyer, in a three-minute choreographed, and totally produced video, declared he was running for President again. “Was this produced by AI?” became a trending topic on the internet. If it were produced by AI, was the instruction something like:  Chat, please, produce a video which would please George Orwell’s Ministry of Truth, you know, “War is Peace," "Freedom is Slavery," and "Ignorance is Strength."  So, it was. It starts with January 6th pictures and pronounces that the campaign theme is “freedom” and the “defense of democracy.”  This when Crooked Joe, his DOJ, and the corrupt judges of the District of Columbia have already locked up over 1,000 Trump supporters for significant jail terms based on activities which, for most, constituted misdemeanor trespass. They are looking to roundup and imprison at least 1,000 more while also locking up Donald Trump. This after they orchestrated the summer riots of 2020 in order to create a Jacobin terrorist apparatus which they would have deployed if Trump were declared the winner of the 2020 election.

Biden’s announcement was calculated to distract from the cascading revelations concerning the crimes of his imitation mafia family. It turns out that current Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, then a top advisor to the Biden campaign, was responsible for organizing the 51 former top intelligence officials who lied that the evidence of Biden family foreign dealings to the tune of millions of dollars found on Hunter Biden’s laptop was Russian disinformation. This letter was the final stage in a plot which saw the Security State taking over every social media platform in the country to ensure that the evidence on the laptop was buried forever. A senior IRS investigator has now come forward seeking official “whistleblower status” and claiming that the DOJ/IRS investigation of Hunter Biden for tax evasion and money laundering has been rigged at the top levels of the DOJ—including Attorney General Merrick Garland.

In Orwellian doublespeak the Biden announcement video repeatedly intones, “Freedom,” “Democracy,” “Let’s Finish the Job.” The “ultra-Maga” Republicans are trying to “take your rights away.” Biden then spoke to a friendly union crowd on Tuesday afternoon, plagiarizing Trump’s America First manufacturing agenda, but claiming that his Green Agenda is what will produce manufacturing jobs. As Trump correctly noted, the Green energy agenda is the major cause driving inflation.

Reality Lurks in the Background—The Failing Ukraine War and Looming Economic Catastrophe

As Colonel Doug Macgregor and others repeatedly document, the Ukraine war is lost. The vaunted final Ukrainian offensive is literally stuck in the mud of Ukraine’s Spring rainfall. Yet thousands of Ukrainians are dying every week based on the criminal U.S. and British policy of fighting the Russians down to the last Ukrainian. China, whose Belt and Road grand infrastructure project runs through Ukraine to Europe, has now interceded, hoping to create the basis for a ceasefire and peace negotiations.

Biden’s blunders and arrogance in implementing dollar-based sanctions against Russia and its trading partners have put the continuing primacy of the dollar into jeopardy and with it the immediate future of the United States. The entire regime of dollar supremacy depends on the world’s reserve currency being politically agnostic. If Washington understood physical economy, they would have realized that their mythical monetarist beliefs about Russia’s physical productive capacity were dangerously wrong. Russia is flourishing at this point while Europe, deprived of Russian energy and other resources, is in a full-scale inflationary collapse.

Alastair Crooke provides some interesting insights on the impact of the war in an interview with Judge Napolitano. The primary concern of the Global South and Russia and China is to move away from the globalist neo-liberal order and return to 19th century type economic relationships between sovereign nation states, Crooke posits. He cites the American System economics of Friedrich List as central to this thinking while Adam Smith is to be discarded. If Crooke is correct one of history’s great ironies is developing. The American System of political economy hailed by Donald Trump in his first presidential campaign is becoming hegemonic in the world, while western elites cling to the British imperial policies America fought a revolution against.

The looming question strategically is whether those in the U.S. security establishment who have come to oppose this war and neo-Con madness —those who told Sy Hersh how the CIA blew up Nord Stream II—will speak out further and curtail any last-ditch plans to substitute Americans or a “coalition of the willing” for the defeated Ukrainians. That would be the dangerous escalation which could end humanity.

Throughout the week, the American economy continued its slow mudslide downward. Republic Bank now teeters on the edge of collapse and FDIC receivership. The commercial real estate sector is also collapsing. Large segments of the population are living on credit cards and now that debt is beginning to go into major default.

Republicans in Congress passed spending cuts and raised the debt limit in a move designed to bring Biden to the table on the issue of taming spending to cure inflation. We believe this is the wrong approach. They should focus, like President Trump, on the types of capital-intensive large scale advanced energy and frontier science and infrastructure projects which will allow us to physically produce our way out of the looming collapse. Use national banking and a credit system to fund these projects, ditch the Federal Reserve, and restructure extant debt, favoring physical productive uses only. That is what Hamilton, Lincoln, and Roosevelt did under similar circumstances and nothing less than kicking over the entire present economic chessboard will save us. That is why the most important economic discussion currently taking place is LaRouche PAC’s dialogue with the MAGA movement about Trump’s visionary economic ideas in Agenda 47.

The Manhattan Farce

The Security State’s lawfare attacks on Trump continue apace. Trump continues to reiterate that if elected, he will dismantle this entire apparatus. He has a 10-point plan to do so, including a Truth and Reconciliation Commission which will declassify and air all the illegalities committed by the Security State. Hopefully, this plan will extend all the way back to at least September 11, 2001, and should, by rights, include the JFK and RFK assassinations and the assassination of Martin Luther King.

  1. Jean Carroll, described quite accurately as a “whack job” by Donald Trump, is suing Donald Trump for “raping” her in Manhattan’s federal court and the case is now being tried as this week’s lawfare feature. According to Carroll, the event which has made her a national celebrity occurred in a dressing room in a deserted Bergdorf Goodman store in Manhattan. She cannot remember the date or the year but swears it was in the 1990s. Bergdorf Goodman is, of course, never completely bereft of hungry salespeople bent on big commissions from the famous and very wealthy people, like Donald Trump, who shop there. Carroll never reported the claimed “assault” until Trump became president, “Me-Too” emerged, and she fantasized that she was the woman Trump was referring to in his infamous 2016 “Access Hollywood” jock talk recorded by the Bush family’s Billy Bush.

An interview with Vanity Fair in June of 2019 revealed that Carroll paints the trees outside her log cabin blue, travels the country with her blue-dyed poodle but not her cat, Vagina T. Fireball, and despises men. She proudly claimed that she sexually harassed Fox News’ former chief Roger Ailes, flashed her college professor, and otherwise spent copious amounts of time discussing rape as a favored sexual fantasy. She repeatedly described her encounter with Trump as a fight and not a “rape,” because she did not want to be characterized as a “victim.”

This theater of the absurd takes place before a judge, Lewis Kaplan, and jurors from New York’s Southern District so inculcated with the religious hysteria embodied in Trump Derangement Syndrome that Carroll may prevail. When Trump tried to respond on his social media to Carroll’s testimony and claims, Judge Kaplan threatened him with contempt and other unspecified punishments if he did not shut up and let this farce continue, uninterrupted by reality.