Map showing the location of the Nord Stream 1 and Nord Stream 2 pipeline explosions near Bornholm. The two run close to each other most of the way, but deviate near the sites of the sabotage.

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Much of significance happened in the past week.  Senile Joe Biden’s lying State of the Union address, with his claim to be leading the best of all possible economies—featuring both historic “job creation” and “historically low unemployment”—was perhaps the week’s low point, even if it drew the second smallest audience in U.S. history. There were significant advances in fusion development on the other end of the scale. Congress took its first tentative steps toward dismantling the surveillance state. The feared Russian offensive in Ukraine appears to have begun.  At the end of the week, we were treated to surveillance balloon wars between the United States and China.  We’ll cover some of this here; the rest in posts this week.  Our central campaign now involves politically taking out the globalist war party, the one Biden claims to lead in the name of “democracy” which includes those chunks of the Republican Party who hate Trump and his burgeoning MAGA political movement and are out to destroy it. We call them the Bushies.

With respect to senile Joe’s claims about the economy, there is now a complete disconnect between what Americans are experiencing in their economic lives and Washington’s lying statistics and happy talk. Use the real metric of how many men aged 18-45 are employed full-time and earning a living wage and you will discover the actual depressed state of the U.S. economy. That is the same segment of the population which is dying in record numbers from Fentanyl. Add suicides and other forms of addiction to the calculus and you will clearly see our economic and cultural emergency.

The only presidential candidate addressing remedies is Donald Trump. Everyone else is a captive of the Bushies. They are intent on continuing to financially loot the American population, albeit maybe without the in-your-face wokeness, the elimination of which the Bushie Ron DeSantis has made his central theme. They are intent on pursuing war against Russia and China. Most of all they are intent on destroying Donald Trump. They are acting in complete subservience to the British command to eliminate Donald Trump from American political life. So far, despite all their huffing and puffing and destruction of the Constitution and any semblance of law in their now 8-year anti-Trump, anti-American campaign, they continue to fail.  He still leads all polls in the 2024 presidential race. 

Trump remains focused on rebuilding the nation, constantly employing humor and optimism while developing the agenda for his second term. He has organized an expanding Congressional caucus against the Ukraine war. They are bent on defunding it and pursuing Trump’s demand for an urgent peace to stop the charnel slaughter.

At the end of the week a Chinese spy balloon and other unidentified flying objects floated across the United States and Canada. The latest, as this post gets produced, was “disabled” by the military over Lake Huron, Michigan on Sunday afternoon.

The Murdoch led Fox News’ coverage of these flyovers was sort of like a replay of Orson Welles’ “War of the Worlds.” The reality looks to me like Chinese surveillance and testing of our defenses. But we lack any concrete information by which to confirm my speculation. That’s because the Pentagon seems to lack any ability to bring down a balloon other than destroying it along with the evidence of what it was doing with $400,000 Sidewinder missiles shot from $150 million fighter planes.  The Pentagon itself uses similar balloons to spy on China and other nations.  Big news here, nations do spy on one another.  What has been alarming is the pathetic performance of Joe Biden and the Pentagon and our apparent lack of air defenses. They now say we have a ”domain awareness gap,” apparently meaning that we have missed several of these flyovers over a long period of time.

What if balloons, which the United States is also testing as carriers of sophisticated and miniaturized weapons, dropped an EMP blast knocking out our electrical grid? As Senator Ron Johnson points out, none of Biden’s massive Green infrastructure spending is aimed at hardening the electric grid.

This is why President Trump is urgently calling for crash program development of missile defense while warning that the reckless and arrogant actions of the Biden Administration have put us at the doorstep of World War III.

Concerning the Ukraine war itself, the most important political fact remains Trump’s steadfast calls for an immediate peace. His MAGA movement is fully mobilized behind this call. He is now joined by a growing caucus in the House of Representatives who want to end all funding for the British/Biden drive toward nuclear human annihilation. Congressman Matt Gaetz (R. Florida) says their number is now 70 and growing. There is also evidence of a split within the traditional establishment with pieces in the New York Times, in particular, hinting at an imminent disaster for the Ukrainians.

Expanding this House peace caucus while neutralizing the Bushie-led operations to split the Trump anti-war MAGA movement represents the best option for ending the war. There are some rumblings against the war by the remnants of the American left. Whether demonstrations from that quarter will have any impact other than demonstrating some reflexive sanity in that political quarter remains to be seen.

Sy Hersh Blows the Nord Stream Coverup

Veteran journalist Seymour Hersh provided the proof last week that Biden, working with the Norway, blew up the Nord Stream pipelines carrying Russian gas to Germany and other European countries. This was a renegade and illegal act of war against both Russia and Germany and bears much of the blame for your pain at the gas pump and the current collapse of European economies with untold consequences for the world. Soon, based on the British/Biden price cap imposed on Russia’s oil, Russia’s cuts in production will result in the price of oil rising again. The price at the pump will again go up.

Of course, the Russians knew who was responsible long before Hersh’s exposé to the American and European audience, who have been told that the Russians were so crazy that they blew up their own pipeline. The queen of neo-con murderous fantasies, Victoria Nuland, and senile Joe had practically confessed this war crime with smirks on their faces both before and after it happened. Their act of war cemented Russian resolve to proceed to complete victory in Ukraine. Former German Chancellor Angela Merkel added fuel to this resolve when she declared that the 2015 Minsk Accords for Ukrainian peace were a grand deception aimed at Russia. Russia had banked on these agreements to halt Ukraine’s ethnic cleansing of the Donbas which has resulted in the massacre of 16,000 Russia-supporting Ukrainian citizens. Instead, the accords were used to escalate the slaughter while building Ukraine’s military for the present war against Russia. 

With respect to the war itself, Colonel Doug MacGregor puts it succinctly: Ukraine is about to be annihilated unless Washington ends its present madness.

Seymour Hersh broke THE stories on Watergate, CIA Assassinations and CIA COINTELPRO against Americans, the My Lai Massacre, George H.W. Bush’s assassination operations run from the Office of Vice-President, Dick Cheney’s Abu Ghraib torture program, NATO’s false flag chemical weapons attacks in Syria, Obama’s politically timed killing of Osama Bin Laden (the U.S. knew where he was for years), and Obama’s fulsome support of ISIS. He is almost completely censored now, an example to any current journalist who is stupid enough to courageously and ruthlessly pursue the truth.

In addition to proving “who done it,” Hersh points out that both U.S. gas producers and European gas producers benefitted hugely from Nord Stream’s demise. That’s what Secretary of State Antony Blinken meant when he referred to this act of war as “an enormous opportunity”.

The Coming Russian Offensive

Last week Ukrainian President Zelensky flew to London, his psychological home, to secure fighter jets. He knows the British oligarchy, lead instigators of this war, historical haters of both Russia and Germany, will support him no matter what. History tells him that the Brits can drag war-drunk U.S. politicians, their minds girdled in British ideological axioms and displaying a cowboy’s intellectual inferiority complex, straight to outright catastrophe. After all, British oligarchs have done this through two world wars and our numerous “small wars” ever since.

When a peace deal seemed possible at the beginning of the war, then British prime minister Boris Johnson flew to Ukraine to block it, telling Zelensky he would be completely on his own with no support if peace was pursued. Those who know anything, know that message posed more of an assassination threat to Zelensky than any alleged threat from Vladimir Putin. Go ahead now, fight to the very last Ukrainian, you can almost hear BoJo commanding, and we’ll call you the “New Churchill” and pay you handsomely. This British move to block peace has been confirmed by both Turkey and, last week, by former Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett.

Before he took off for London, Zelensky did a house cleaning of his infinitely corrupt government, at the obvious behest of Joe Biden now that the Joe and Hunter Biden pay for play scandals are before the U.S. House. The key target was Ihor Kolomoisky, President Zelensky’s sugar daddy, supporter of Ukraine’s Nazi brigades, and the actual owner of Burisma, the gas company which employed Hunter Biden.

All of this happened as the feared Russian winter offensive appears to be in its beginning stages. It will soon become obvious that U.S. taxpayers have been throwing billions at the hulk of a destroyed and corrupted country which no amount of tanks, planes, or even boots on the ground can now save. You cannot prevail in modern warfare without a solid and resilient industrial base. No amount of propaganda and lies can overcome the advantage Russia has in terms of a technologically sophisticated and advanced industrial base, unparalleled natural resources, and the deeply rooted national identity of its people. NATO has none of this. We don’t either. We can’t even meet recruitment goals for our woke armed forces. Again, unless the United States stops it, Ukraine is about to be annihilated. As this unfolds, will our renegade security state resort to nuclear weapons or put U.S. boots on the ground even more than they are now?

It is really time now to stop it, before we find ourselves having acted too late, staring haplessly at our own doom in the form of a mushroom cloud igniting. Support Donald Trump. Expand and support the emerging MAGA coalition in the House. Help us to politically eliminate the Bushies. End the evil and corrupting “special relationship” between the United States and the modern British financial Empire. Your life probably now depends on it.