On February 22, 2023, President Trump visited East Palestine, Ohio, the site of the toxic train derailment. Source: AP News / Youtube / Screengrab

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Donald Trump is conducting a surprise sneak attack on Washington’s braindead elite.  Their fanatical religious devotion to the globalist “New World Order” prevents them from even recognizing that they are in the process of being outflanked.   That is why Trump going to East Palestine, Ohio, interacting and collaborating, in Trump’s unique way, with that frightened population and providing them with the one thing the globalists can never provide – hope for the future—fed a huge leap in Trump’s 2024 polling.

Biden, meanwhile, staged a fake photo op in Kyiv as that war increasingly drifts into “eternal war,” that is, a drift into World War III.  Trump steadfastly opposes the Ukraine war, and right afterC his East Palestine sojourn, he outlined a new trade and tax policy aimed at creating an American manufacturing superpower, a “manufacturing powerhouse like the world has never seen before.”  Those two goals—ending the forever wars and what Trump calls the “national security state industrial complex” which profits from them, and creating a massive U.S. economic renaissance based on real production rather than financial paper--distinguish Trump completely from any of his rivals.

Provided that the MAGA grassroots actively engage in promoting Trump’s antiwar and advanced economic policies, working them through and elaborating their specific intent, nothing the present regime can do can stop us.

The Democrats are frantically preparing to fight the last war, conducting study after study in the key Midwest battleground states to hone a fake populist message. They proclaim themselves to be the true champions of the working class, fighting against the fat cats on Wall Street and promoting the ability to lead a middle-class life based on making a living wage. They righteously castigate the pre-Trump Republican Party as the vulture capitalists they are, while promoting their own “gentler” brand of the same fascist agenda under the banner of the Green Revolution and the World Economic Forum.

The “never Trump” Bush Republicans, now coalesced under the candidacy of Ron DeSantis, call for ever faster escalation in Ukraine and against China, while using Karl Rove’s “social wedge issue” playbook, to declaim and inflame based on our present collapsing culture.  Exclusive focus on the culture wars, of course, leaves the modern British financial empire in complete control of economic policy, which is their intention.

In his Agenda 47 post on Rumble, Trump said that the heart of his economic vision “is a sweeping pro-American overhaul of our tax and trade policy, to move from the Biden system that punishes domestic producers and rewards outsourcers, to a system that REWARDS domestic producers and taxes FOREIGN companies and those who export American jobs.”  He proposes “a system of universal baseline tariffs on most foreign products” which will increase incrementally depending on how much individual countries devalue their currency. . . as tariffs on foreign producers go up, taxes on American producers will go down and go down very substantially.”

In addition, Trump says that he will undertake a series of measures, over four years, to end America’s economic dependence on China, including ending its most-favored nation status, ending dependence on essential goods from “electronics, to steel, to pharmaceuticals,” and allowing only investments by China and to China which serve American national interests.  At the same time, he rebukes current Washington Republican thirst for war with China, stating that under his leadership, “we will get along very well with China.”

These proposals are in line with the traditional American System of political economy invented and elaborated by Alexander Hamilton, Abraham Lincoln, and William McKinley.  These economic axioms were universally supported until the shift to globalism which began in the 1960s and has cannibalized America’s productive labor force over the last 50 years.

The question posed by Trump’s universal baseline tariff proposal is whether its elaboration could lead to a fixed exchange rate monetary system like that advocated by Lyndon LaRouche as a New Bretton Woods system. Only this change can ensure long-term growth of full-set economies throughout the world, and ready export markets for advanced U.S. goods.  It is also the fastest basis for destroying the U.S. national security state, since if the world’s largest economies—Russia, China, India, and the United States—were to work this through, the modern British financial empire, the lifeblood of this security state, would be destroyed.

This could also be the opening gambit to a very much needed commitment to full implementation of Lyndon LaRouche’s Four Laws for Economic Recovery, which is at the center of LaRouche PAC’s organizing.  Trump endorsed the first principle of the Four Laws, Glass-Steagall banking separation, in his first campaign in 2016.  He repeatedly attacked the Federal Reserve, although without publicly recognizing, thus far, that a National Bank dedicated to providing credit to his otherwise massive advanced manufacturing, infrastructure, and space exploration plans, would bring those plans to realization while cabining the globalist “money changers.”

President Trump’s promotion of a giant advanced manufacturing renaissance is the basis for providing a living wage, and echoes LaRouche PAC’s demand that the economy be geared up so that a single wage-earner can support a family.  This living wage concept is the heart of LaRouche’s Third Law for economic recovery. The Trump Administration was in the process of implementing an advanced manufacturing strategic plan prior to the 2020 election. President Trump now says that he is revisiting that advanced manufacturing strategic plan and will provide an updated proposal.

Finally, Donald Trump’s dedication to the Artemis crash program to colonize the Moon and then move on to Mars, while promoting an advanced energy revolution involving maximum use of fossil fuels while moving to a fully nuclear and fusion economy, incompletely echoes LaRouche’s Fourth Law for economic recovery.  Trump’s new tax and credit policy must encourage capital investment in frontier manufacturing and advanced nuclear and fusion development, while encouraging an urgent shift in educational policy aimed at training skilled workers, scientists, and engineers.  Scientific and technological breakthroughs lower the cost of production, making this program inherently anti-inflationary.