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As Democratic Party hack Donna Brazile said on Sunday on ABC, this MAGA is a movement unlike anything she has seen before. Whether looking at the Obama "hope and (spare some) change" coalition of 2008, the Reagan conservative movement of the early 80s, or even the civil rights movement of the 60s, she said that nothing touches this movement around President Trump today.

All true! And it's time to escalate. Donald Trump certainly did when he not only announced a new energy plan for the nation, which entails building "hundreds and hundreds and hundreds" of new power plants, and the rebuilding of our electrical grid—but made it clear that all of this is to respark the Arsenal of Democracy and turn America into the center of industrial manufacturing with the most reliable and cheapest energy in the world.

As has been accurately stated, if we go fusion, electricity would be practically free!

This is the way out of the global crisis in population collapse and ideological insanity, and it's the only way out. Lyndon LaRouche knew it 50 years ago, and so do most Americans today, like 80% of them!

Any Democrat with half a brain can see it, and the indictments and legal attacks make it even more clear. It will either be won on the streets of our nation, block by working class block, or it won't be won!

Join us tonight for a discussion and more regarding the most powerful modern political movement in modern history.