House Speaker Kevin McCarthy launches Biden impeach inquiry. Sept. 12 2023. Fox News Screengrab

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Why did Speaker Kevin McCarthy wait until Sept 12 to launch an impeachment investigation against Biden, when all the facts were known months ago? There’s only one reason—the approaching government funding cutoff when the fiscal year ends at midnight, Sept 30. For the next two weeks, Speaker McCarthy must do everything to avoid crossing the militant Republican congressmen Matt Gaetz’ (R-FL), Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA), other Trump allies or other defenders of the U.S. Constitution in the House Freedom Caucus, including freshman Congressman Andrew Clyde (R-GA).

McCarthy needs their support, or at least their toleration, to pass a continuing resolution to fund the government beyond September 30th. If he loses that support, Gaetz will file a “motion to vacate the chair,” which will trigger a vote to replace the Speaker if it passes. Without the clean continuing resolution sought by the Democrats, the government could very well shutdown.

This is the Heaven-sent moment in which we can cripple the obscene, unconstitutional prosecutions of President Trump—if we force action now. Two measures are required, and they should both be done at the same time. One is to defund Special Prosecutor Jack Smith and the unconstitutional prosecutions in New York and Atlanta. Several bills have been introduced to do this. The most important are probably amendments which will be introduced into the House Appropriations Committee by Rep. Andrew Clyde (R-Ga), a member of that committee. They would remove all federal funding from any prosecution of a major-party presidential candidate before the Nov 5, 2024 election, and to remove federal funding from any jurisdictions (i.e., New York and Atlanta) which are prosecuting any such candidate before that election. Citizens must act now to ensure that all Republican congressmen and senators from their state weigh in to support Rep. Clyde.

The House Freedom Caucus held a news briefing Sept 12 at which Rep. Clyde and many others spoke. All of them said they would refuse to fund what they called “the weaponization of government,” which includes the Trump prosecutions. Nor will they fund “a blank check for Ukraine,” nor more money for Biden to continue shipping illegal immigrants into the country—atop the eight million he has brought in so far. Their other major focus was the near-record $2 trillion federal deficit for the current year (which gives the lie to Biden’s claims of prosperity), and record $33 trillion federal debt. No resolutions to continue funding the government should pass without these provisions intact.

The effort to defund the Trump prosecutions must be accompanied by an impeachment inquiry against AG Merrick Garland and optionally FBI Director Chris Wray. It is here in the Department of Injustice that all the bodies are buried regarding spying, censorship and police-state measures against Americans, especially since Sept 11, 2001—as against President Trump today. It will be very hard for Smith and Garland to keep perverting the law to persecute President Trump, while at the same time they are being forced to provide evidence which proves their bad faith, lying and collusion. But it is only in an impeachment inquiry will Congress have the power to compel such evidence. Senior, expert legal fighters for President Trump like Kash Patel and Mike Davis agree that impeachment of Garland and Wray is urgent. Unfortunately, although Marjorie Taylor Greene introduced a resolution to impeach Garland in May with seven cosponsors it still lacks the necessary support. We have to change that. We have to get the Republicans in Congress to act now.

LaRouche PAC has collected nearly 4,000 signatures on a petition to stop the prosecutions of President Trump through defunding and impeachment. Please sign it now if you haven’t yet done so. Over the next few days, we will present the signatures gathered to date to Congress and consult with them on the next steps while continuing to petition. Contact all Republican Representatives and Senators from your state, and stay tuned to this site for the next steps, as Sept 30 approaches.