In a viral screengrab image, Zelensky was shown standing alone during a NATO Summit event in Vilnius, Lithuania.

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Scott Ritter has produced an explosive background report on Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. His report appears to prove that since at least October 14, 2020, this very corrupt little man and superb method actor, the hero in the Hollywood Western-type script controlling perception of the Ukraine slaughter, is acting as a direct agent of Britain’s MI6, with MI6 chief Richard Moore acting as his direct handler. Appropriately, Ritter released his video during the ongoing NATO summit in Vilnius, Lithuania, which will be marked in history as a turning point in the war.  That summit concludes today, July 12,2023. Ritter calls his exposé Agent Zelensky Part I and promises a follow-up.

The long-anticipated summit was supposed to celebrate the success of Ukraine’s vaunted spring counteroffensive and provide an escalated roadmap for its admission to NATO (the very issue which ignited this war). In the sixteen months of fighting, Ukraine has been radically depopulated both through panicked emigration of millions and the outright suicidal slaughter of tens of thousands demanded by Ukraine’s controllers in their quixotic quest to recapture Russia. Europe has been forever altered along with the entire geopolitical map.

But predictably, the spring counteroffensive failed spectacularly, crashing against the reality of a superior Russian industrial base, superior armaments, and, in many respects, a superior Russian fighting culture. Now it is admitted that Ukraine is out of trained soldiers and out of munitions—and so is NATO and the United States.  As usual, Joe Biden deflected from this situation with a blustering speech declaring Putin’s “insatiable lust for land and power” would be met by long term security guarantees from the G7 countries avoiding the fact that Ukraine will not be joining NATO.  This semantical distraction will not be lost on a Russia now grounded in the fact that is at war with all these countries.

Under the new arrangement, the UK and France have announced that they are going to provide long range missiles to Ukraine capable of reaching Russia. The United States will provide primitive cluster bomb munitions—munitions which are banned by most civilized countries because they create unmapped minefields over the entire area in which they are used, rendering territories unsafe for human habitation. The cluster shells are to replace the 155 mm shells which the United States and NATO have depleted down to nothing.  The G7 guarantees replace a Ukraine membership in NATO which will require, according to the summit, Ukraine winning the war and cleansing itself of its endemic corruption.

The Biden Administration envisions the “security guarantees” it will now be providing to being similar to those it provides to Israel.  Thus, Washington, which could end this war in ten minutes as Donald Trump has emphatically noted, has formally now announced a forever war down to the last Ukrainian. According to current Washington rumor, Poles and Lithuanians are now also prepared to fight. Somehow, according to these wags, this would not indicate NATO’s direct involvement in the war, even though both countries are members of NATO. Russia has prepared itself for this escalation which could readily spiral completely out of control and engulf all of Europe.

This war is hated by the American population. Every time Donald Trump mentions it in his stump speeches and calls for immediate peace negotiations, huge cheers erupt. When Trump’s primary opponents attempt to support the war, they are roundly booed and rejected.  The Washington Post of this morning claims that Republican opposition to the war has now peaked at 44% and backhandedly attributes this to the firing and censoring of Tucker Carlson.

Despite the fake news, NATO is falling apart as citizens in Europe, riven by the economic depression resulting from both the war and the Green New Deal, take to the streets in protest. There is desperation in Washington and London based on the dawning realization that they have failed and their populations hate them. As Lyndon LaRouche emphasized, the point at which our “elites” come to realize the end of their delusion is the point of greatest danger to the people as a whole. But it is also the point at which the population comes to recognize that the elites are quite mad and will never do the right or just thing, and that political action ending the war and removing them, is the key to our survival. Support for Donald Trump is the spearpoint of that political action.

Scott Ritter’s Bombshell

The 35-minute video produced by Scott Ritter presents Zelensky’s rise to power, from a popular, if degenerate, comic (his act involved playing the piano with his penis) to hero of the Western world, as a carefully crafted intelligence operation. Ritter notes that Zelensky’s starring role in the massively popular television show, Servant of the People, in which a teacher becomes Ukraine’s leader, paved the way to his presidency. As Ritter notes, Zelensky won election because he promised peace in Ukraine’s civil war which had been precipitated by the 2014 color revolution and coup created by the U.S. State and Defense Departments and their British controllers. Following his election, he was informed that pursuit of a peace policy would result in his immediate execution by the overt Nazis deployed through U.S. and British intelligence operations to control the Ukrainian population. Thereafter, Zelensky embraced the Nazis he had previously condemned.

Ritter provides a detailed account of Zelensky’s corruption, with multiple million-dollar offshore accounts and residences throughout Europe and the shaping of his image through the employment of Washington and London PR firms on permanent deployment. His portrait traces the country’s devolution to a satrap warrior state with every move choreographed by British and U.S. intelligence services. He particularly focuses on the role of the George C. Marshall European Center for Security Studies, a joint institution of the German and U.S. defense departments, in training all of Ukraine’s civil servants, and the role of British and U.S. intelligence services in promoting an overt Nazi ideology as a controlling myth governing Ukraine’s fighting forces.

According to Ritter’s sources, direct British intelligence control over Zelensky resulted from his administration’s involvement in the sabotage of a major Western intelligence operation in Syria in which the British had thought that they had trapped key Wagner mercenary forces. The British held Zelensky responsible for the failure because the Wagner forces had been tipped off by a call from Zelensky’s office. Zelensky was called to London and met at MI6 headquarters with Richard Moore, the head of MI6. Ritter asserts that this violates all protocol for an independent sovereign head of a sovereign state. Following that October 14, 2020, meeting, all Zelensky’s personal security was taken over by the British—involving a force of some 1,800 personnel. At the same time, all opposition press in Ukraine were censored and taken out of existence at British command.

When Pope Francis attempted a peace initiative for the war, Zelensky met with him, but was also shepherded to the meeting by Richard Moore, his controller, in an obvious charade. He presented the Pope with an icon of the Virgin Mary holding a black blank figure where Christ would normally appear. He said it was to symbolize the loss of Ukrainian children during the war, but was obviously completely offensive to Catholic belief and resulted in outrage in Italy.  That was not the only way Zelensky dissed the Pope.  He appeared in his well-known sweatshirt and fatigues at the Vatican—the shirt emblazoned with the symbol of the OUN Ukrainian nationalists, Hitler’s World War II collaborators. After spending a short time with the Pope, Zelensky then spent hours with the British head of the Vatican’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs Paul Gallagher.

In addition to Ritter’s bombshell, the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Weaponization of the government released a report on Monday demonstrating that the FBI colluded with the Ukrainian intelligence service to censor Americans engaged in antiwar advocacy on Facebook, Instagram, Google, and YouTube.  We will report on this in the context of our next report on the Censorship Industrial Complex and its implications for our future.