Governor Ron DeSantis speaking with attendees at the 2021 Student Action Summit hosted by Turning Point USA at the Tampa Convention Center in Tampa, Florida. 18 July 2021 Photo: Gage Skidmore / flickr / cc-by-sa-2.0

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There are people out there who are suffering from battle fatigue. So intense, they say, is the war on President Trump, that he can’t possibly recover. Others have imbibed too much of this oligarchy’s toxic propaganda. It has sapped their passion. The propaganda has achieved its intent of cognitive dissonance, causing them to swear allegiance to the MAGA movement while secretly indulging their cowardice.

The oligarchs have a remedy for this tension. The siren song now being played to everyone, wall to wall—through Murdoch’s Wall Street Journal, Fox News, and the New York Post, through National Review, Breitbart, erudite bloggers too numerous to mention, and even the bankrupt and desperate Alex Jones—is the “Trump Lite” known as Ron DeSantis. Like most impulse buyers, those indulging themselves in this wholly manufactured product have failed to check the package’s ingredients or warning labels.

The siren song is aimed at them, not at President Trump. Saving the nation at this point requires their 24-hour passion, just as it did many times in our past, starting with the Revolution. Instead of running for office or helping others to do the same, equipping themselves to govern, and fully and intelligently exercising their role as citizens of a republic—some now wish to become underlings yet again. Dumbstruck, they don’t even know about the most recent polling from John McLaughlin, showing Donald Trump solidly in the lead for 2024. All the shots taken at him have only strengthened his standing with the citizenry.

But, under the information dominance of President Trump’s enemies, (think about the Twitter revelations proving what this writer has long written, that Silicon Valley is but an adjunct of the Security State deployed against the American people) even his most fervent supporters do not know about such things and suffer in isolation. This explains why, when LaRouche PAC appears visibly on the streets with huge signs supporting the 45th President, people congregate immediately, wanting to learn the latest. As a first step towards a cure, here is what we can say now about Ron DeSantis. This profile focuses on what can be learned from DeSantis’ past. We need help more fully filling out his current operation. This will be a continuing project.

In short form, we will show that Ron DeSantis was being prepared for this run for President from the time he first entered Congress, if not earlier when he graduated from Harvard Law School. He has been backed by those Wall Street billionaires and corporativists assigned to the Republican “controlled opposition” since his first run for Congress in 2012 at age 33. His political problems go beyond the disgusting policy stances we outline below. After all, someone who counts John Bolton as his foreign policy mentor can hardly expect an informed MAGA movement to support him. His problems also stem from his ego-driven personality. He is alternatively described as cold, aloof, and meanly calculating. He does not evince any love of people. His Washington Congressional office had the highest staff turnover of any while he occupied it, inviting comparisons to Kamala Harris. There are many similar tales from his time as Florida’s governor.

President Trump, on the other hand, revels in his people. He listens to those who support him, and he puts them in the driver’s seat, engaging in permanent dialogue. That is his biggest strength.

Donald Trump’s 2016 election, and most significantly his MAGA movement, threw the calculations of Washington’s Mandarins into chaos. There was no escape for these overt or closet wealthy anti-Trumpers, but to support Trump. The strength of his MAGA movement required that. Some donors and candidates from the former Republican Party became actual Trump supporters. Others engaged in overt sabotage of his presidency. Former leading candidates-in-waiting, like DeSantis, Tom Cotton, and Ted Cruz bided their time, continuing to build for a challenge to Donald Trump once it appeared the enemy had sufficiently weakened him and his movement. It is a concocted myth that billionaire donors have suddenly deserted Trump and are now in the DeSantis camp. They have supported DeSantis throughout.

To win in 2024--which means winning independents, Republicans, and awakened Democrats—an overarching economic vision for the future is required, one founded, as President Trump articulated it, on ending globalization and building a new, advanced infrastructure platform to power a new modern industrial manufacturing capacity. Nothing else will free us from the economic depression we are now entering. Regaining our sovereignty requires regaining our productive capacity and economic self-sufficiency. This requires breakthroughs in modern energy sources like modern nuclear reactors and fusion energy, along with space colonization beginning with President Trump’s Artemis project. This will recapture the imagination of our youth and leap-frog technological progress. It also requires total reform of our corrupt defense-industrial complex.

DeSantis has shown no interest in any of this. Instead, like all of current Washington’s controlled opposition, he simply tries to capitalize on the disgusting “woke” culture our enemy wants to impose. His multi-million-dollar PR machine has painted him as the ultimate anti-Woke warrior. At best, he represents angry reaction rather than the vision of the future which will be our ultimate cultural salvation. Unlike Donald Trump, you won’t see DeSantis playing opera at the White House, extolling Brunelleschi’s Florence dome, or issuing executive orders demanding that DC architecture reflect classical beauty.

On the Issue of War and Peace, He Idolizes John Bolton

Let’s start with the existential issue of war and peace. This is fitting when the Biden Administration and its British imperial sponsors are slowly marching us to nuclear World War III with Russia, and with it the elimination of the entire human race.

President Trump won the enduring support of the American people because he fought to end the foreign wars and interventions which have destroyed the spirit of our soldiers, corrupted our national honor, and unjustly killed millions throughout the world. As a result, “the City on the Hill” had become just one more arrogant imperial colossus, destined for destruction as a result of adopting this evil stance, like every previous empire in history.

Donald Trump kept his promise and was in the process of a frontal attack to dismantle the Security State, when that state within the state, exercising all its powers, prevailed in the November 2020 election. Since then, he has repeatedly called for immediate and urgent peace negotiations over Ukraine and condemned that proxy war. In contrast, DeSantis has criticized the Biden Administration for not moving fast and hard enough against Russia in the runup to the war. He has also snarled that Vladimir Putin is nothing but a gas station attendant with a bunch of nukes left over from Soviet times. That is not even original neocon snark. DeSantis plagiarized it from one of this century’s biggest warmongers, the late Senator and Trump hater John McCain.

If you look at DeSantis’ Congressional record and biography, you will discover a classic Washington war hawk and Security State partisan. Universally recognized as highly intelligent, if soulless, DeSantis parlayed baseball skills to win a scholarship to Yale and then graduated with honors from Harvard Law. From graduation forward, DeSantis appeared to be checking all the appropriate resume boxes for a near-term presidential run as a Republican. To begin his career, DeSantis became a Navy JAG serving both at the Guantanamo Bay torture camp and kangaroo court, and then as the lawyer for the top-secret Seal Team One in Fallujah, Iraq, during the useless “surge” there. Following military service, he was detailed to the U.S. Attorney’s office in the Middle District of Florida as a prosecutor.

Fittingly, one of the first endorsements for his initial Congressional run in 2012 came from the insane warmonger John Bolton, whom DeSantis effusively praised. Bolton returned the favor, claiming DeSantis as something of a Doppelgänger. The two have exchanged fawning notes to one another ever since.

In Congress, DeSantis worked his way up to chairman of the National Security Subcommittee of the House Oversight Committee by 2015. This became most useful to him in 2016-2017, where he used it to attack the Mueller investigation of Donald Trump. While he had been fully promoted earlier by the Murdoch family, his multiple appearances on Hannity and Mark Levin during the Russiagate fight catapulted him into national public attention.

Yet he voted for every National Defense Authorization Act presented during his Congressional career, endorsing the Security State’s bloated forever-war Pentagon budgets. He also voted for the measures which allowed the Security State to share its cyberthreat information with private companies, whose results can now be seen in the Twitter Files. DeSantis not only opposed Barack Obama’s Iran deal; he worked out and fully articulated a plan for regime change in that nation. He fully supported the globalist Transpacific Partnership.

DeSantis did usefully embrace a largely populist stance against Obamacare and the satanic Barack Obama. But with Lyndon LaRouche’s demand for Obama’s impeachment fully on Republican minds in Congress, DeSantis instead joined John Boehner in an impotent lawsuit against Obama, aimed solely at energizing the Republican base for the 2014 midterms. His craven and unflagging support for the Wall Street “free trade” and “free market” dogmas which have destroyed our economy, mirrors that of his donor sponsors. Nowhere will you find the bold vision for growing the economy articulated by President Trump. Instead, DeSantis promoted the tired Tea Party agenda of balanced budgets, entitlement reform, (eviscerating Medicare and Social Security) and term limits.

Follow the Money

In his first campaign for Congress in 2012 at the ripe age of 33, DeSantis seemed to “come out of nowhere,” according to the Florida press, to win Florida’s 6th Congressional District. He ran as an insurgent Tea Party “outsider,” in a solid Republican district. But his campaign was staffed by professional consultants associated with Senator Marco Rubio, and he won early endorsements from Wall Street’s “Club for Growth” and the libertarian Koch Brothers-funded “Freedom Works.”

The campaign receipts for DeSantis’ initial foray are notably lacking in small-dollar contributions, since his base consisted of Washington’s career consultants. His contribution profile is larded with high-dollar contributions from major corporate PACs associated with the establishment Republican Party and the defense-industrial complex operating out of Washington, D.C., Virginia, and elsewhere. He obviously did not “come out of nowhere,” as a genuine Tea Party insurgent.

By 2016, DeSantis had graduated to the Republican Party’s top-tier fundraising lists, a combination of billionaires and national PACs like the Club for Growth and the Koch groupings which some have dubbed “Con Inc.”  He scored maximum contributions from Sheldon and Miriam Adelson, Joe Ricketts, Bernie Marcus, John and Marlene Childs, Paul Singer, and the Kochs, among others. His 2016 campaign for Congress garnered four times the contributions of any prior campaign, a clear indication of an imminent run for higher office. When Marco Rubio decided to run for president and leave the Senate, DeSantis declared a run for Rubio’s Senate seat. Then, when Rubio lost the presidential primaries and decided to reclaim his seat, DeSantis stepped aside. But billionaire and millionaire money poured into the campaign and superPAC committees set up for the nascent DeSantis Senate race.

Like everyone else in Washington’s controlled Republican opposition, DeSantis did not endorse Trump in the 2016 primary. But given his designated populist profile, he did not overtly join the Never Trump chorus either. Instead, he hinted that he supported Marco Rubio, and only got on board with Trump after Trump won the nomination. In his endorsement, he noted, grudgingly, that anyone was better than Hillary. This was the line his Club for Growth and Koch brothers sponsors told their candidates to adopt.

DeSantis’s Phony Courtship of Trump and MAGA

In January of 2018, DeSantis jumped into the Florida Governor’s race. Since Trump won Florida in 2016 and had an over 80% approval rating with Florida Republicans, the path to victory was clear: he needed Trump’s endorsement. He courted the President and his MAGA movement slavishly. Even after Trump’s December 2017 endorsement, DeSantis’ primary campaign against Florida agricultural commissioner Adam Putnam went into a ditch. Putnam also claimed that he supported Donald Trump, and labeled DeSantis a Washington TV-studio Republican.

It was only after Trump issued a second endorsement in June with significant social media amplification, that DeSantis was able to secure the nomination. This was despite billionaire and millionaire support from the Republican establishment seeking an alternative to Trump. Hedge fund mogul Ken Griffin, who cut a $5 million dollar check for DeSantis’ 2022 Florida campaign for Governor stating that he “was ready to move on from Donald Trump,” had earlier cut a $5 million check for DeSantis’ first campaign for Governor. (As in his more recent betrayal of Donald Trump, DeSantis ruthlessly dispatched Adam Putnam, even though Putnam’s endorsement had been critical in his victory in his first run for Congress.) 

Pitted against Bernie Sanders-supported Andrew Gilliam in the 2018 general election, DeSantis’ campaign faltered again, and Trump brought in his campaign manager for Florida, Susie Wiles, to rescue it. Even after that rescue, DeSantis only won by one percentage point after a recount. Susie Wiles now works as the national campaign manager for Donald Trump, after being fired from Trump’s campaign team in 2019 at DeSantis’ urging--and then reinstated. Apparently, DeSantis was miffed that Wiles was getting the credit for his first election as Governor. Trump has noted that he has a significant negative file on the Florida governor which he will fully employ if DeSantis chooses to run against him.

There are a hundred stories which recount the role of DeSantis’ wife Casey in his political ascent. Florida press have taken to calling the two “DeSantisi” as a way of denoting her power often exceeds his. Casey, a former television reporter, has the paramount task of humanizing Ron’s cold fish ego-driven persona. No one would argue that she isn’t equally opportunistic. When she contracted breast cancer, she used the experience to cut an ad about how Ron had accompanied her in every chemo infusion and was the epitome of the loving and supportive husband.

DeSantis showed what he thought of the Trump base during his 2018 primary campaign for Governor, when he cut an ad showing himself reading the “Art of the Deal” to his children and instructing them how to “build the wall”—and finally placing his baby daughter into a crib flying a MAGA flag. That ad was characterized even by his supporters as the “dumbest” in political history and backfired immediately. In DeSantis’ imagination, MAGA’s working and middle-class base sit around and engage in ridiculous rituals like this. Reminded of the pure gaucheness of this ad recently, Trump mocked it on social media, saying, sarcastically, “Thanks, Ron.”

In his recent 2022 campaign for re-election, DeSantis went one step further into outright blasphemy in an election-eve ad which said that “On the Eighth Day of Creation, God Made a Fighter,” followed by a montage of DeSantis’ public and private life. "God said, 'I need somebody who will take the arrows, stand firm in the wake of unrelenting attacks, look a mother in the eyes and tell her that her child will be in school…,” the ad continues. It was after seeing this ad that Donald Trump reportedly created his “DeSanctimonious” label for DeSantis.

The anti-Trump DeSantis donors and PR team contrast DeSantis’ overwhelming victory in his recent race for Governor, with what they call Donald Trump’s midterm losses. To make this claim, they completely obscure the outright sabotage Washington Republicans threw at MAGA candidates nationally and exaggerate the difficulty of the Florida race. As the inimitable Roger Stone put it, “Everyone hates [DeSantis opponent] Charlie Crist.”  It is true that Florida has gained population fleeing from Blue states during DeSantis’ tenure, but that trend was already underway before he became Governor.

DeSantis intends to use his opposition to COVID’s lockdowns and mandates as his central campaign pitch against the 45th President. But DeSantis, like Trump, initially credited the supposed expertise of the nation’s medical establishment. Both then figured out, at about the same time, that that establishment was corrupt. What is required now is exposure of that corruption--rooted, ultimately, in the financialization of medicine by Wall Street and the City of London, and the machinations of the World Economic Forum—along with reintroduction of the art and the science of medicine. Only Donald Trump has shown the fortitude to do this. DeSantis simply wants to exploit the ruinous response to the virus for his personal political gain.