Left, President Donald Trump - Right, Special Council Jack Smith

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On June 8th, at the beginning of the Friday weekend propaganda cycle and a day which will “live in infamy,” President Donald Trump, the 45th President of the United States and the current frontrunner for President in 2024 by huge margins, was indicted by a Grand Jury sitting in the Southern District of Florida. The indictment was at the behest of a rogue and weaponized Justice Department, acting at the behest of Joe Biden, who is Trump’s main opponent in 2024. It is unprecedented in U.S. history.

The indictment occurred on the same day that Biden himself was credibly accused, by a longstanding and reliable FBI informant, of taking a $5 million bribe from the head of a Ukrainian gas company which had hired Biden’s son, Hunter, to obstruct a corruption investigation in Ukraine. The Ukrainian also paid Hunter $5 million, according to the informant, in a document which has been hidden by the Justice Department since 2017. The informant said that the briber told him it would take 10 years to unravel all the ways this money was laundered to the Biden family. Donald Trump’s effort to investigate this very claim was the subject of his first bogus impeachment by the then Democratic Party-controlled House of Representatives.  The DOJ said nothing about this document during the impeachment.

Trump’s lawyers were notified of the indictment Thursday evening, but the indictment itself was sealed at DOJ request. They thought that Trump would be muted until his scheduled court appearance on Tuesday in Miami, and that their illegal leaks would dominate the news cycle. Trump outflanked them. He went directly to the press himself and announced his indictment, along with the fact that he is innocent. A massive public outcry ensued, featuring “banana republic” as the trend-line on social media. That social media assessment is correct and irrefutable. This indictment calls into direct question the continued existence of our Republic. To blunt that truth, and attempt to seize their propaganda machine back, the DOJ thugs unsealed their indictment Friday.

 Like all current federal indictments, this one has been worked over by word, comma, and period by a writing taskforce to create the most damaging image possible for the targeted defendant. TV legal pundits took the bait, of course, running around and wildly proclaiming how “devastating” it was. That is all bull. Out of what were purported to be hundreds of classified documents illicitly stolen by the craven Donald J. Trump in illegal DOJ leak after illegal DOJ leak over the past few months, the indictment charges that national defense information is included in 31 of them and wrongly possessed by Donald Trump. As with the New York DA’s bookkeeping indictment of Trump, each allegedly illicitly possessed document is charged as an individual indictment count, dramatically overcharging a single course of alleged conduct.

The other seven counts allege obstruction of justice and false statements in a conspiracy between Donald Trump and his chief personal assistant, Walt Nauta. The “evidence” for these counts mostly emerges from Trump’s lawyers taking notes on things Trump allegedly said to them while seeking their legal advice. The lawyers were forced to turn over their notes and testify by DOJ prosecutors and the corrupt then-Chief Judge of the fanatically anti-Trump federal D.C. District Court. While the context for the lawyers’ notes is completely absent (Trump is an inveterate provocateur and joker), the prosecution’s possession of these notes is a complete violation of the Sixth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Other aspects of these charges are equally tainted and suspect.

Most importantly, the DOJ has concocted their charges by ignoring the governing statute for this case, and refusing to recognize that Trump as president of the United States has rights and privileges no citizen has. That is why the indictment keeps referring to Trump as citizen and not as president. The Presidential Records Act governs this case, and it states that a President has an absolute right to possess any records from his presidency which he chooses to possess, classified or not. Disputes between the National Archives and a former president are to be resolved civilly, not criminally. That is the current law of the case established when Bill Clinton took tapes from his administration, many of them including classified material, and stored them in his socks drawer.  Were it otherwise, woke bureaucrats, such as the National Archivist or intelligence agency Mandarins, could overrule a President, whose superior powers are central to our Constitutional system.

By contrast, Joe Biden took hundreds of boxes of documents from his time as Senator and Vice-President, many of them classified, and stored them at different unsecured locations, including his garage. He was not President and is not protected by the Presidential Records Act. He, of course, remains unprosecuted.

More important than even that, this indictment occurs against a backdrop of seven years of DOJ and FBI efforts to jail Donald Trump, which have just been proved by a rigorous investigation by Special Counsel John Durham to be the product of a seditious DOJ and FBI-led conspiracy aimed at destroying an American president by lawfare. The people clearly see it that way. They don’t give a damn about the legal niceties invoked, the evil and satanic intention is clear to them. These legal gangsters are out to destroy the Republic whose keeping Ben Franklin assigned to the People.  The People know this just stinks and will be proven to be just the type of concocted frameup which began for current generations with the assassination of JFK.

As Trump’s assistant at Mar-a-Lago, Walt Nauta has been under massive pressure to flip and fabricate claims against Trump, but has resisted. In a prosecutorial misconduct claim pending in the case, one of the lead DOJ gangsters, Jay Bratt, implied to Nauta’s attorney that a judgeship the attorney had applied for could be made to happen if Nauta fabricated claims against Trump.

Bratt is not the only thug in the DOJ lawyer lineup. Special Counsel Jack Smith in his previous incarnation as head of the DOJ Public Integrity unit, was reversed 9-0 by the Supreme Court in the abuse-driven prosecution of former Virginia Governor Bob McDonell. The jury and judges reached a similar result in his abuse-ridden prosecution of former presidential candidate John Edwards. Smith indicted the president of Kosovo in Smith’s recent incarnation as the Grand Inquisitor at the International Criminal Court at the Hague. He did it solely to block a historic peace deal engineered by President Trump between Serbia and Kosovo. We will be developing profiles of this very dirty pool of criminality over the next days.

In a video released on Truth Social Friday morning, Kash Patel, the former chief investigator for Devin Nunes’ House Intelligence Committee which first exposed the fraud of Russiagate, named Karen Gilbert, Smith’s Deputy Special Counsel, as equally and spectacularly corrupt. She had to temporarily retire from the Justice Department after she got caught wiretapping a defense attorney’s conversations with his investigators. 

Trump will make his first court appearance in Miami on Tuesday. Two other indictments are being teed up to stop Trump’s presidential bid, a DC federal indictment by the same DOJ gangsters concerning January 6th, and a separate J6 indictment involving alleged Trump-pledged electors in Georgia by George Soros-sponsored Atlanta DA Fanni T. Willis. Rachel Maddow, the famous and lead CIA scribe on MSNBC, says that the real insurrectionists, i.e., the Merrick Garland and the DOJ, could make it all go away if Trump gives up his run for the Presidency as part of a plea deal.

In various attempts to describe the unprecedented nature of what is happening, many have reached for the appropriate words. “Crossing the Rubicon” appears to be a favorite as of Saturday morning, meaning we have reached a point of no return in the battle to save this Republic.

Charlie Kirk, in a post which LaRouche PAC endorses, called on all Republican presidential candidates to give up their campaigns and appear in a show of unity with Trump on Tuesday in Miami. That’s the only way for the public to determine whether you are a patriot fighting for the continued existence of this republic or a self-obsessed traitor.

Ron DeSantis reverted to his usual cowardly consultant speak, citing disgust with two-tiered justice without once referencing the name Donald Trump. Chris Christie showed his very British colors by invoking Woodrow Wilson and attacking both George Washington and Donald Trump, while noting that taking out Trump and winning for Ukraine are the only things that matter. 

Most sane people, however, echoed Senator Josh Hawley in questioning whether we still now have a Constitution or a Republic.

There is one road to salvation. Dedicate your life, your fortune, and your sacred honor right now to overwhelmingly winning the 2024 presidential election for Donald Trump and his Agenda 47 economic policies for an American manufacturing, scientific, and industrial renaissance. That is the path by which we obliterate the engineered divisions through which our Republic is being targeted for destruction.