A note to readers: this is an old post on the archive website for Promethean PAC. It was written when we were known as LaRouche PAC, before changing our name to Promethean PAC in April 2024. You can find the latest daily news and updates on www.PrometheanAction.com. Additionally, Promethean PAC has a new website at www.PrometheanPAC.com.

It is evident to all who have participated in, or merely observed the mass phenomenon of the movement inspired by President Trump, that there is a profound principle involved. There seems to be a spirit of love; a spirit that exists outside and above the conscious thoughts of any of its participants.

Lyndon LaRouche spoke about this principle over fifty years ago, based on his profound understanding of the creative capacities of the human mind and his insight into the meaning of Percy Bysshe Shelley’s A Defense of Poetry, and the Apostle Paul's 1 Corinthian 13. He called such a process a "mass strike," and even though he, like Shelley, never actually witnessed it, he nevertheless had faith that the conditions for it would someday emerge.

That day is now, and it would greatly benefit the leaders of this movement to more deeply appreciate what we are involved in. Bruce Director and Dan Leach will explore this and more in a wide-ranging discussion. We encourage you to join us tonight.

With Dan Leach and Bruce Director.