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It's the weaponization of everything—the intelligence community, the justice system, the Federal Reserve, the media—and the elites are out in the open, unloading everything they've got against Donald Trump and the MAGA movement.

The presumed indictment of presidential candidate Trump has sparked calls for demonstrations and a public show of support for the former President. We would add to that: call your Congressmen and demand a full investigation of the criminal nature of this latest attack on the President, as Speaker McCarthy has mooted.

This is not our first rodeo. In 1988, Lyndon LaRouche was indicted, while he was running for President against George H.W. Bush. The indictment was handed down shortly after LaRouche made a revolutionary proposal to deal with what he knew was the coming end of the Soviet system, a proposal which would have broken the grip of the global elite over the world.

Donald Trump has recently made similar revolutionary proposals which will "take a sledgehammer to globalism," at a time when the elites' banking system is melting down.

We are definitely over the target.

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