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The ideological system undergirding the British liberal world order is disintegrating. Green energy. Reckless Finance. War. Cultural Degradation. Drugs. The veil is removed, and it's all quickly crashing. Lyndon LaRouche stated on record, as early as 1952, that this ideological collapse was inevitable, and having done so, provided a conceptual roadmap for how to rescue civilization. The road map is more possible today than at anytime since 1952, and it's our responsibility to make it happen.

Putin's speech last Friday should remind anyone listening as to why Russia remains the nation most aligned with U.S. patriotic interests. Putin has rallied his people, as Trump is rallying them here, and as others throughout the world rally their people for a viable future based on truth.

This war in Ukraine will be where the British liberal empire goes to die. With the danger of war growing, this is the defining issue of the November 2022 midterms. It's the patriots versus the globalists, and we can win big by mobilizing around the big issues which define our civilization.

It's now time for the nations to rise, because we are a species meant to thrive and contribute to creation. This is why nations exist, and why our nation will once again remind the world of the true nature of human existence.