Mike Gill

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Mike Gill died Saturday.

The 56-year-old former Trump administration official was shot in the head point-blank at afternoon rush hour Monday, when a 28-year-old carjacker jumped in Gill’s Jeep as Gill waited at the curb in downtown D.C. for his wife to come down from her office in one of the skyscraper office buildings that have replaced historic neighborhoods.

The grisly assault , along with a second, nearby, minutes later, when the same assailant killed a 35-year-old father of two, epitomizes the  accelerating destruction of the nation’s capital since 2020, when George Floyd’s death unleashed an explosion of defund-the-police wokeness in the city. (The attacker was killed 11 hours later by suburban Maryland police after he attempted several more carjackings and threatened officers,)

“Wonderful and brilliant Mike Gill, a highly respected member of the Trump Administration, was ruthlessly and viciously shot in the head during a carjacking in Washington, D.C. He was a SPECIAL PERSON – His family and friends are devastated. The Federal Government must take over D.C. God bless Micheal and his family,” President Trump said in a statement Sunday, following the announcement of Gill’s death after 5 days in critical condition.

These events cast a giant light on President Trump’s urgently stated commitment to place the city under federal control once again, in order to shut down the homicides, rampant drug use, burglaries, carjackings and other types of crime that have taken 274 lives and increased 39% in 2023. Trump also pledged to clean up the graffiti on national monuments, the detritus of homeless encampments, and squalid signs of neglect engulfing more and more of the city.

While the carnage has been soaring since Trump left office, U.S. Attorney Matthew Graves, who is responsible for prosecuting both local and federal crimes, has focused on persecuting J6 defendants rather than protecting citizens of D.C. from violence.

With Promethean foresight, the LaRouche-backed candidate’s movement sounded the alarm about the gathering clouds over the city 50 years ago, with campaigns for city council, school board, D.C. delegate (non-voting member of Congress) from 1974 to 1978, culminating in a feisty campaign for mayor against the iconic Marion Barry. The Washington Post, the oligarchy’s mouthpiece, vowed in a 1974 editorial statement to never mention LaRouche. Astonishingly, the Post published a lengthy article quoting the LaRouche candidate’s plan for the city, and even featured a picture of the LaRouche mayoral candidate, Susan Pennington (Director), addressing a campaign event. She said, “I am the only candidate who can conduct the ruthless political offensive to free this city of the grip of no-growth forces pushing energy conservation, drug use, and cuts in social services.”

The platform of the LaRouche candidates could well serve as a guideline for President Trump’s campaign to make D.C. a vibrant capital of which the nation can be proud. These included:

  • The nation’s capital should become the “brain of the nation”, developing the capabilities of the nation to restore itself as a major industrial power.
  • Establish high technology research and development facilities and associated manufacturing, especially relating to nuclear fusion.
  • Upgrade public education in the sciences, math, and classical art and music.
  • Scientific and cultural breakthroughs must be achieved in D.C. that can unlock the creative genius of the city and the nation.

The LaRouche candidates were defeated and a string of puppets of the political and financial elites, beginning with Marion Barry through the current mayor, Muriel Bowser, were installed. These incompetents focused on facilitating real estate speculation and gentrification while condemning most of the city’s long-standing residents to crime-ridden enclaves and collapsing schools. The five decades of venal neglect by local officials and Congress have produced the disaster that the LaRouche-backed candidates warned about. Now, prominent citizens and visitors are afraid to walk the streets. As legal-scholar Jonathan Turley said in an X post in response to Gill’s murder, “I have lived in and around D.C. since the 70s. Yet, I admit that I now avoid walking around the city out of concern over the crime.” 

President Trump is the first national figure in decades to pledge to pay attention to D.C. and not only reverse its slide, but make it more beautiful, safer, and greater than ever before. It can’t come soon enough. Trump’s reconstruction of D.C. will be a fitting memorial to Gill and all the other victims of the elite’s neglect.